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I am in my own house, but we are not movie family at all. I have a ps3 and 3 games I last played about 4-5 months back. we watch some show every now and then. Maybe an episode of some TV series 3 times a week. I can have a place for projector permanently but would rather not dominate living room by the screen unless it is a big price or quality consideration. Budget is say 200-300 but its not written in stone. If the only quality screens start at 400 then be it. I can...
Oops. Was supposed to be NOW looking for a screen.
Hi. Very new to the home projector thing. I was reading the forum for a while, but feel like I don't know enough basics and not sure if i want to learn that much. Someone might just help me out in a minute and save me a lot of time. I just got an Epson 8350 on the reviews from this forum mostly. I have a living room setup, and will be watching movies at night only. Distance will be about 15.5 - 16 feet to the wall that i can mount the screen on. I would much prefer...
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