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So I have my gear or the rest is in transit. Epson 3020 Denon X4000 Stewart Cima 135" Neve Fixed Frame (A problem) OPPO 103 BIC Acoustech PL-89 Home Theater 7.1 Room-18x13 My MAJOR problem is the wall I need to mount the screen on. I'm looking at 2 options. The first is basically building a wooden frame on legs and mount the screen to it. The wall pictured, is the only wall I can use for the screen. The second option is running a board across the room for the upper and...
Found a place selling the Stewart Cima Neve and the price is not too ugly. Considering it now.
The wall where I want to put the screen is like this:I have to find a way to mount a screen on that wall or use a drop down. I prefer a fixed.So are you saying the DA-Lite you mentioned will be better than the Carada or SI Performance I listed? If so, by what margin?
any input from anyone else? Tons of views, need some input. Thanks!
While reading MORE, hahaha, I was thinking of a 2:35 as well. Just seems like a hassle to to set up 2;35. Any easy tips?
I've read, read, and read some more. Everytime I think I have decided, I read something else that makes me change my mind. Variables: 13x18 Room (8ft ceiling), almost total control of light, so virtually pitch black if I want it to be. Projector: Epson 3020 Size-big as I can get. But looking around 120-140ish size Color--I'll paint the walls/ceiling whatever is necessary. I'm initially looking at a "home theater red" for the walls and black ceiling. Wants--excellent...
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