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I need to be able to hand the DVD to friends that are not computer savvy and do not need special instructions or software. It needs to be able to be played in standard DVD Players as well.
Thank you both for your responses. It sounds like i'm not going to be able to keep the quality without going with Blu-ray. Most laptops don't have blu ray drives and I personally don't have a blu ray player so I don't really want to go that route. I will just live with the quality of half the pixels. Thanks again for your help.
Hello all and thanks for reading this. I would like to start off by saying I realize that iPhone and GoPro is not considered HD to most people's standards but the quality is pretty good compared to what you will read below. The Setup: I had an event recorded using multiple iPhone's (1920x1080@29fps) and GoPro's (1920x1080@24fps). I have edited the clips into a multicam HD video using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. The video looks amazing even on my 48" LCD. I have had...
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