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From what I’ve read It’s going to be hard to beat the Mits (HC7900DW) for the current price. It’s definitely a step up from the W1070 and $800 cheaper than the 3020. The only real drawback I see is the replacement lamp cost. The Mits is $300+, The Benq and Epson are ~200.
The 725HD is actually WXGA (1280 x 800); 16:10 not 4:3. So at 16:9 you will have a 5% bar at the top and bottom. If you do watch any old 4:3 content, there’s enough zoom (20%) that you can fill a 16:9 screen (with 16:9 content) and zoom out to fit 4:3 in the same screen height. If you want true 720p (1280 x 720), there are no LCD currently produced. The Optoma H180x or Acer H5370BD are a couple DLP that would work. The 725HD would likely be brighter and have better...
Similar, but they don’t claim to be anything more than what they are. A cheap 480p, 150 lumen PJ. I think they sell for less than $150. They are a toy and are marketed as such.
I’m not sure about the 3200, but on some models Super White is only available if the Color Mode is set to THX, Theatre, Theatre Black 1, or Theatre Black 2. With the 8350 it’s only available with the Color Mode set to Natural or Cinema.
Depends on the price. The 3010 has gotten good reviews and is a more expensive (and probably a little nicer) PJ that the 2 DLPs you mentioned (I believe it received a “Best in class” award from one of the reviewers) and if the screen fits your needs, it sounds like a good deal. Keep in mind, bulbs for the 3010 are around $250. The lamp life is supposed to be 4-5000 hours. So if he’s only got 300 on it, you should have a lot more than 1200 left.
I never realized that DLP vs LCD was such an emotional issue. My only DLP experience was the BenQ MW519 that I had for a couple days. I know it is probably a poor representation of what DLP can do being a business class PJ with a 2x color wheel with a white segment, but spec wise, it was supposed to be pretty much identical to the Epson HC725HD and $100 less. I must say I was fairly disappointed with the performance, especially when compared with the 725. The biggest...
90% of all statistics are made up. I guess it would depend on who you surveyed. If you were talking business/presentation PJs, that might be true. Since Epson sells more PJs than anybody else and all they sell are LCDs and probably 90% of conference rooms have an Epson in them…. Well. If you were talking Home Theater/Cinema, it’s probably closer to 50/50.
1st. The newer Epsons (725, 730, 750HD) are NOT the old Epsons (705, 710, etc.). Contrast is 12k:1 as opposed to the 3k:1 which is immediately evident (I used a 705 for a while). I have used mine with 300 watts of incandescent light in the room for football games and had a very watchable image. (Had comments that it looked better than their TV). I also had the BenQ MW519 for a couple of days. Spec wise, it was supposed to be identical to the 725HD (WXGA, 2800 Lumens, 12k:1...
I would start with this http://elektrotanya.com/acer_s5200,p5205.pdf/download.html and try a reset to see if it clears the error.
I am partial to Epson as I have had a few of them and have never had a problem. Also the warranty, service and lamp replacement cost favors Epson. I have the 725HD (same as the 730HD with 200 less lumens and $100 less) and have been very happy with it. It’s great for outdoor shows. The 730 would probably be the better PJ for outdoor shows as it’s the brighter of the 2. Regarding the BenQ.. PJ Central’s review says “Color brightness in the W770ST's Cinema mode is only about...
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