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Thanks a lot guys! Really appreciate your help!
Hi,   I am very new to the speaker game and have little knowledge on how to choose a receiver. I found the Jamo speaker set for 200 on amazon and wanted to pair it with a Denon X1000 receiver. Now the speaker fact sheet tells me that the Long/Short term power capabilities of the speakers are: Towers: 100/400 W Center: 80/120 W Surrounds: 60/100 W   Now the Denon receiver says that it can reach a max of 175 watts. But the power output Power Output Per Channel...
Thanks for your help!
HI guys,   Looking to buy either the Denon X1000 or the Yamaha RX-V475. Which one do you think is the better option out of the two?
Hey thanks so much for the recommendations! I just wanted to ask a couple more questions about it as well. Do you think that these will be okay on their own or should i get some larger floor standing speakers as well? Also, have you experienced these speakers before? I've had a quick look at some reviews and saw that some people were complaining about build quality. Has that ever been a problem for you?   Thanks again for your help so far. Really appreciate it!
Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a home theatre system under $1000 and I've narrowed my options down to the following:   Option 1: Jamo S426HCS3 speaker system with a Denon X1000 for the AVR Total price of this would be around $800 for me, leaving some money left over for a Subwoofer.   Option 2: Wharfedale - VR-300 speaker system ($799) and then a much cheaper AVR   Option 3: YHT-799AU HTIB system. Comes with a pretty good AVR: The Yamaha RX-V475 and with the...
Yeah. JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee and Harvey Norman are three such stores. You just meant like big time electronics stores right?
Yeah. Its my first experience with any kind of speaker system. The Harman Kardon that you mentioned also looks very good to me. Do you think its better than the Yamaha set?
Hi,   Thanks for you help so far. I've found a deal on a Yamaha receiver and speaker set here: http://www.binglee.com.au/yamaha-yht-799au-5-1ch-home-theatre-package It's the Yamaha YHT-799AU package. Do you think this is a good deal for me?   Cheers.
Hi. I'm looking to buy a 5.1 speaker system and AVR all for under $1000. I live in Australia and the speakers are for a dedicated home theater room. The size of the room is around 4 meters by 6 meters (approx. 12 x 18 feet). Please list any and all systems that you think are good for this set up. My main concern is getting good sound quality for the price - I'm not into Airplay or any of that fancy stuff. Thanks for your time.   Cheers.
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