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Sorry for the repeated postings this may be better - the Transcend Wi-Fi enabled SD card. It does connect to a home wifi and comes in a larger 16 or 32G size. Let's you browse the files from the computer.
Toshiba has a similar flash card with wifi SD card for cameras called "flashair". It works a bit differently, though. Rather than connect to an existing wifi network, it creates its own access point and other devices connect to it. It doesn't upload the files, but rather it lets you browse the SD card and use them. It's only 8 GB. I wonder if there's a way to get it connected to the home wifi through some sort of bridge, and have a script on the PC poll it and move the...
Well, this may be a showstopper. I found this FAQ on the eyefi site: Video files are limited to less than 2GB for both your computer and online sharing site. The eyefi card can store files larger that 2G, but it will only automatically transfer them if they are less than that.
I'm wondering if this might be an option for connecting the Homeworx to WiFi: the Eye-fi Pro X2. It's a class 10 SD card with built-in wifi. It's designed to automatically upload pictures and videos from cameras, when the camera is in range of the home wifi. It has an option to automatically delete the picture or videos, giving you a "limitless" SD card is uploaded.   The usage model I'm thinking about is this: The eye-fi is plugged into an SD-to-USB adapter, which is...
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