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I prewired a switched outlet up above the crown moulding so I can put the rope light on a dimmer switch. I used a clock outlet so it's recessed a bit and will keep the power cord a bit more hidden, but it's still close to the ceiling where you can see it if you look in the back corner.
Shower installed… Closet doors hung… Stair rail done… crown inside the coved ceiling… crown detail… Next up is paint prep this week and painting the week after. After paint is up in the bathroom, I'll install the fixtures. I'm not going to put the cabinets up before painting because I have to push that expense back a bit. I'll just have to caulk and touch up the paint after installation.
Doors are hung and trim is installed. Shower and stair rail going up next.
Tile is going in… Doors are ready to be hung… Shower enclosure is waiting to be installed…
As someone who has not purchased any 3D glasses, I'm very curious to know why you switched to RF glasses. Do you mind sharing why you made the switch?
Haha, yeah. Primer is being rolled on today. Texture goes on tomorrow. Cleanup starts on Monday
Absolutely. It's starting to look like a real living space. Once the mess is cleaned up from the drywall work, I think it will look even better.Thanks. It's been a long journey to get here, but things are falling into place now.The surrounds are going in the ceiling above the main seating area. It's a compromise, but I think it will be fine for what we are doing. I pre-wired for rears in the columns, but I'm not sure I'm going to put those in anytime soon.
You can see the walls after the taping is done. I included some shots to try and show the detail for the soffit that defines the media area. I'm going to put up crown moulding inside the coved ceiling here. Haven't decided how to trim out the columns, but will do something here to dress them up a bit. I might add corbels to the front columns to match up the width of the soffit in the front of the space. I didn't want to bring the columns all the way out to the full depth...
The TiVo has a guide screen where you can see the listings for what's on right now and you can change the time in the guide to see what will be on in the future. TiVo provides about 2 weeks of listings data.I really like TiVo. If you have any questions about it, I would highly recommend http://tivocommunity.com
I had a great experience talking to Triad customer service about my 2006 Bronze LCRs. Everyone I spoke to (over email) was really helpful and friendly. Makes me really happy that I went this direction. This particular speaker design was retired about a year ago, but they still had the wall mounting brackets in the warehouse. I bought 3 sets and they are being shipped out tomorrow. I'll be buying some Bronze/4 Surrounds for ceiling mounting soon. Someday I'll buy a pair of...
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