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Here is a link to cnet with the top 5 lowest input lag tv's. http://m.cnet.com/news/best-low-lag-hdtvs-for-serious-gamers/57589240?ds=1
Seeing as how alot of us will be jumping into "next gen" or this gen if you would, i thought i would share a link with cnet on the best low input lag tv's for gaming. Here is the link, let me know what you guys think! http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-33199_7-57589240-221/best-low-lag-hdtvs-for-serious-gamers/
Has anyone tried running on a power conditioner to see if it alleviates the issue? My brother-in law has a panamax on his and since he did it, it helped him with the overheat issue. If anyone else has experienced this or had it not help, please post it on here. Team work will help get the issue resolved quicker. Cheers!
I have firehawks on the floor here at my store, they tend to pick up ALOT of light with the lights on, but they still keep a "viewable picture", just lose alot of black level and such. In the dark, the firehawk shines. Don't get me wrong, i can't keep cima's in stock man, they are selling like hot cakes.
I feel differently about this, probably due to the fact that I used to work for Magnolia Home Theater. You can always call back and request a second calibration. You have 30 days to do this. Tell then you called a hdguru or payed to have a isf technician look at their work and that it is off. This works everytime. Good luck. Ps: have them put in the notes what tv you have, that way it ensures the proper equipment is used and not the old outdated gear.
We actually used a Dynamic Range Meter to check the RMS loudness of the the two mixes at the same point in the music, then set the levels to match them. We also made sure that each of the speakers output in the system, was the same in sound pressure. So yes, I do know how to level match, so does almost every person in our store. Don't insult my intelligence man, i came on this board to offer my opinion and the way i perceived the two. We also ripped the switch out today...
My installer put in the switch. It was one processor, two amps and same speakers.
I did level match and it was a niles switch that i used to go back and forth. The emo was missing the warmth and image imo, as to the classe' had that open airy soundstage and detail that i like. Basically the emo didn't pickup details like the deep breath before the start of wish you were here from pink floyd, as well as the radio noise was less noticeable. McIntosh was able to give the warmth matching that B&W typically has with their diamond series. Then again, we all...
Well, i work for modia home theater and we have the cp-800, buddy of mine brought in his emotiva xpa-2 he was demoing and i got to listen between them. One of the perks of having 802's on the floor and classe'. I've always been more of a videophile so when i started here, i was still learning about the classe' and McIntosh. I'm starting to conquer my learning curve though haha.
I work at Modia Home Theater and I'm waiting for the 6030 to come in so i can my AVS HD disk to run a decent color calibration with some filters, however my current filters have gone downhill, does anyone have a suggestion for color filters, or glasses?
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