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On SmartTVs....   All of our apps are designed for touchscreen or 'mouse'-type environments. This is why the web-based app works great on our LG SmartTV (that has a gyroscopic type remote) vs. the Samsung which is up/down/right/left remote. We would like to investigate how we can support more platforms.      On Fire TV -   The up/down/right/left remote is the same reasons why our Android app likely won't 'just work' on Fire TV. Again, something we want to look at...
 Adam is correct. Tablo gets programming from your Over-The-Air antenna so to deliver it to screens in your house, we just use your local home network. It's not like Netflix or Aereo that has to stream all of the content through the internet. 
Yowza - this thread is moving pretty quickly! Sorry I haven't dropped by in a few days - there have been a lot of questions on multiple different platforms so I'm trying to distribute the love evenly :)   Hat tip to Dave & Adam for jumping in with some answers - thanks guys.     About reviews.... We are expecting reviews from several of the 'big guys' but because we aren't Amazon (who launched FireTV recently) or another mondo huge company, they can pretty much take...
 Resume is on the roadmap! 
 According to the powers that be we would love to do this, but it's unlikely our current processor would have enough power to do it. 
 Hopefully this is helpful Charles: We transcode ATSC MPEG 2 to H.264. We currently transcode the AC3 to two channel AAC but hope to add an AC3 pass through in the near future.Recorded programs on Tablo are stored in HLS playlist format that can be reassembled into a standard MPEG file. There is no DRM. Recording Quality: The resolution of the video recorded on the Hard Drive can be selected using this control. The options are 1080p, 720p and Standard Definition...
 Not sure - but I'll ask the folks with the engineering degrees :) 
 Awesome! Thanks for your review. 
 Heard a rumour that the up/down/right/left keys already do this but we're seeing if we can program this further. Stay tuned.
 I think you mean commercial skip.... We offer a 30 second skip feature right now. You can select this a few times back to back and get through commericals with no problem. I'm not sure if we'd be able to do a full skip, but we've talked about having the skip time editable so you can choose 1 minute or 2 minutes etc.
New Posts  All Forums: