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My RS-1 died on me last night. I have never had any problems since original purchase other than replacing the bulb twice as part of routine service. I am wondering if there are any easy answers or if I have to ship it out for repair. I turned it on as always and within 10 seconds it shut down. I double checked the power connections, remote batteries, and filter. The filter was dirty so I cleaned it out. I also pulled the bulb and examined it before reinserting it. ...
I skipped over some of the repetition and as many of the ad hominem attacks as I could, and maybe I missed something. But it seems to me both sides of the argument in this saga have not really addressed edge definition as something other than pixel structure visibility. Setting aside placebo and brightness effects for the moment, just think about edge definition. I am performing a thought experiment here and make no claims of expertise. So just consider these notions. ...
Get the Pioneer Elite SC-05 or SC-07 receiver. The ICE design is great and these receivers fit your overall budget.
Will the 899 series be part of the FUNAI arrangement or will they be the last of JVC/Japan manufactured sets?
Does this translate to the Pioneer commercial line? When would they be released? (The FHD1 was also sold under another model number as a commercial unit.)
Anybody know if the Panny commercial line is getting updated in a similar time frame to the consumer models introduced at CES 2008? If not, when? I'm getting tired of waiting for the next gen Pioneer commercial plasmas.
Could someone post a link to info about the new JVC processor? I don't see anything on the JVC Pro website.
Anybody have a guess as to when the 8G Pioneer industrial plasmas will be released? And no, I have not heard any announcements or rumors. Just wondering.
Is the new Audiovox portable unit going to use the Passport mini-tuner? That seems like the right way to go. I see that the CommanderMT for vehicles was just announced and it would make sense to put a portable device in the same line.
Nice job, kimosabe...I mean, Klemsaba. I think it looks great. I feel like a proud godfather of your lens. While the feeling lasts, I might make an offer that can't be refused to...oh, never mind.
New Posts  All Forums: