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G Doran is an anagram for Dragon.
Ok, here are my thoughts. 1. While Gavin and Henry were hitting balls into the water, Gavin mentions that he was the 666 building manager until he bought the building. This could be the beginning of the story arc that allows for Henry and Jane to replace Gavin and Olivia. Lots of ways to make this good or bad for either pair. 2. Again still on the ball hitting segment, Henry says that it may be illegal for him to have any contact with the guy that owns the property under...
Because Denon is responsive and very customer focused. Also, they have provided firmware workarounds in the past. I understand your position, but don't underestimate Denon. If they can provide a workaround, I am willing to bet that they will do it.
I received a reply from Denon support regarding the Dolby Digital audio dropout issue on DirecTV channels. I am posting this for comparison purposes. Others that have opened a case with Denon regarding the audio dropout issue may find my answer interesting. Unless of course this is the pre-written answer for this issue. Response Michael Calamari via Email 09/12/2011 10:07 AM Good Morning, Stephen What you are experiencing is an HDMI syncing issue. Connecting...
Well, I know exactly what you are saying. My partner now watches his network shows in the bedroom because he can't stand the audio dropouts. But, I've now turned off DD on the HR21 in the Lounge Room and we've been watching local news for awhile and dropouts are gone.
I turned my DD to off on the HR21 and the issue for me has disappeared. But, now I have to remember to switch DD on if I am watching a show with 5.1 sound.
Hi, Mark: Glad to see you still posting here. I understand what you are saying, but I truly believe that Denon will "fix" this audio dropout issue with the 3312. My 3808 didn't have this issue and I had the HR21 with that AVR. It just needs a little forgiveness when the audio signal drops. Just a few more microseconds of data buffer. Denon engineers can and will fix this. I know that they will do this for us.
Wow, I am glad I don't have this issue on that many channels. Aren't you glad the Daily Show was repeats last week? That would have been very disappointing. Of course, you can watch TDSWJS on hulu but only for a few days after first air. I also agree with your statement that turning Dynamic Volume off does mask the issue a lot. I have been using closed captioning just to be able to read the dialog. I have a HR24 in the bedroom that I could move to the Lounge Room with the...
What DMA are you? I'm in SFO and I notice the audio droput issue only on my local channels which I receive via LIL via sat. So, this could be an encoder problem at the point that DirecTV receives the local channel streams. If you are in a different DMA then this might be indicative of an issue with DirecTV LIL encoders across the USA. But, I didn't have this issue with my 3808. That's why I'm hoping Denon can fix my 3312 with a firmware update.
Ding. Ding. Ding. Right answer. Yes, the audio stream issue resulting in audio dropouts is caused by the DirecTV box. But, as you point out Denon will be able to mask the issue with a firmware update. Denon is usually very responsive to technical issues. DirecTV is not so inclined. So, I'm trying the path of least resistence. I've been a Denon owner since my 5800 ten years ago. Then, the 3808 and now the 3312. I've been a very happy Denon customer and I don't doubt for an...
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