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This thread should be a sticky. --Jerome
And you might have choosen your words a little more carefully before posting. It works both ways Triple-X. Anyway, I've said what I wanted to say about the set and I'm done with this thread. --Jerome
Well that's exactly what it sounds like to me. I'm not missing the point at all, but you seem to be interested in invalidating my comments simply because you happen to disagree with me on a few points. The last time I checked this thread was welcome to everyone who wanted to participate in this discussion. Since I own the product I think that qualifes me at least as much as anyone else to comment on it. Now if the goal here is to silence people who are happy with their...
My 67" set was delivered this past Thursday. I can understand why there might be some concerns/complaints about the build quality. Specifically, the frame around the screen is not as rigid and stiff as I would have expected, and this isn't something that would probably occur to a customer to look at while demoing the set at a store. It never occured to me and I demoed and bought my set from a local retailer. That being said, I think my initial concerns have been...
Why? There are more non-owners complaining about the chip then there are owners complaining about the picture.... --Jerome
Well, I actually solved the problem on my own. The issue was that the locking cams that came with the stand were paper-thin aluminum and were not strong enough to do the job. So I thought to myself that maybe I can put some epoxy resin in there and it could harden and provide some additional stiffness and support. I went to the hardware store and found some locking cams but they were much better made and a lot stronger than the ones that came with the stand. So I...
Can anyone suggest a decent stand for the HL67A750? I actually bought the Samsung TR72 stand from OC but the quality of this stand is absolutely horrible. The fit is very poor and stand wobbles severely (it is put together correctly). I called OC to complain and all the representative could do was say that they didn't design the stand can't be held responsible for its quality. I was told to take it up with Samsung. It makes me very glad that I didn't buy my TV...
Here's a novel idea...why not be patient and wait for some people on the forum to get the firmare and report on it? I just don't get this need that people have for instant gratification. --Jerome
They are also coming from people who don't even own the projector. --Jerome
I'm in the same boat. I called Projector People yesterday and inquired about it since I was planning on making a purchase in a couple of weeks. They are looking into it and will get back to me. --Jerome
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