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Good article on this subject here: LinkyI went with the recommended Yamaha NS-AW390s (grabbed them around Xmas when they were still available). Now they seem to be discontinued -- but the AW350 appears to be the direct replacement. Linky $88 on Amazon -- good value.
Anyone have experience with these screens?
Hey Purbeast, I just sent you a PM. Did you end up getting the Quantum II. I am looking at it as well, and really leaning toward it as a good comfort, quality and price compromise for my dedicated theater space.
Thank you guys -- I did post in the screens forum. And sorry to get a bit off-topic. I did get this projector (as opposed to the JVC with its lens memory) because it handles 16:9 television and sports well -- which is probably more than 50% of my planned usage (80% of my planned usage during college football season -- Go Mizzou!). Having masking for 2.35:1 content is a nice to have -- but not a must.
I just picked up a Sony VPL-HW55ES for my dedicated (total light control) theater in my new house. I am currently narrowing my screen options to: 1. Visual Apex VAPEX 120" http://www.visualapex.com/Projector-Screens/Projector_Screen_Details.asp?chPartNumber=VAPEXPRO9120FF (Cheap, available and seems to have good reviews) 2. Monoprice Fixed Frame 120" http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10829&cs_id=1082914&p_id=7956&seq=1&format=2 (Cheap, possible...
Thanks for the input.I am currently narrowing my screen options down to:Visual Apex VAPEX 120" http://www.visualapex.com/Projector-Screens/Projector_Screen_Details.asp?chPartNumber=VAPEXPRO9120FFMonoprice Fixed Frame 120" http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10829&cs_id=1082914&p_id=7956&seq=1&format=2Monoprice Multi-Format 120" (w/ masking system) http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=108&cp_id=10829&cs_id=1082910&p_id=7969&seq=1&format=2The multi-format is...
So you would not recommend spending the extra cash for a 16:9 screen with a horizontal 2.35:1 masking system? Is this based on you observations of the black bars with the 55ES?
Deleted -- got too many PMs.
Fair enough - I will rig it up this weekend.
Hey guys -- I am now officially an owner. Got a smoking deal -- and just received the unit. Very happy. Now I just need to finish the house (and the theater room that will be in it) -- about 6 weeks away. It was shipped to me in the factory Sony box direct from the distributor -- and I opened the box just to inspect everything it all seems pristine. I even gently (very gently) moved the unit back and forth just to make sure I didn't hear anything moving around or...
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