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No, also WJLA and WPXW. WETA has applied to change theirs also (from 27 to 51).
Mobile DTV will be transmitted within the ATSC datastream. This does require some additional equipment, and of course bandwidth. Depending on how many channels a broadcaster chooses to devote to M-DTV and the quality factor (the standard allows up to 480p), significant bandwidth can theoretically be used - e.g. 1-5 Mb - which gets subtracted from the 19.4 Mb total available.
And I further suspect that Dish is keeping the the upgrade available via an online connection only in order to capture some statistics which would not be available from a USB transfer. Who knows what info is actually uplinked to Dish when you perform an upgrade? These stats might include: serial # of receiver, prior software version, zip code, TVGOS yes/no, number of resets, other hidden diagnostic info. Such statistics could be very valuable to them. It's also the...
I wonder if the same problem is what's affecting WUSA-DT (Washington DC). Several people have reported regular audio glitches and signal dropout from them. What is "AT&T U-Verse customers"?
For those of you with the one-hour timer errors following the DST change, can you confirm which software version you have? Is this a universal problem, or only some units, or only the older firmware, or only when using TVGOS, or...?
I recommend you write it out, addressed to the General Manager, then use the plain ol' US Postal Service to deliver it to WJLA's main street address. Emails, faxes, and telephone complaints don't receive the same level of attention. Why? Broadcasters are required by the FCC to file and maintain written complaints from the public. And this book of complaints can be used against them when the time comes for license renewal. But more importantly, the FCC has specific...
As others have said, the rules vary drastically between analog and digital transmission. You can read lots more here. One FCC assessment concluded that DTV stations can operate with 0 dB D/U ratio on adjacent channels - i.e., no problem. And DTV can operate adjacent to NTSC channels with only 10 dB D/U. I believe the latter may be compromised in some markets in the current transition environment.
I agree the symptoms could be explained by multipath, but I don't think that's what is happening. The antenna is a large, attic mounted yagi, and she gets strong, stable signal on all DC (analog) stations (VHF and UHF), without any hint of multipath. Of course, you can't 'see' the effects of multipath as readily on digital, but it would surprise me if that was the case. At my location (a few miles away), I occasionally get very, very brief dropouts on WUSA-DT as well,...
Is anyone else experiencing signal glitches on WUSA-DT (9/34)? I have a friend in Arlington (close) with a new DishPal DVR, and WUSA-DT is driving her nuts with regular audio/video interruptions.
I can't believe there hasn't been a lot more discussion about this post and the quote provided therein purportedly from Macrovision/TVGOS! I fully understand the part about passing through TVGOS info, and that's not of interest. The curious part is the statement that whatever implementation of "TVGOS" the DTVPal DVR is using is not really TVGOS! Instead, it is called "PZip Guide". Many users have reported that the guide information they see on the Pal DVR is not nearly...
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