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I have a friend with a PalDVR who is experiencing the exact same symptom with WUSA-DT. I have been called on to troubleshoot, but have no idea what would be causing the problem. Likewise, waiting for the cutover and freq switch seems prudent before getting too excited.
Speaking of WMPT-DT [22/42], does anyone know what their transmitter upgrade plans are for (1) the Feb 19 transition, (2) thereafter? I had understood that they had either applied for or received permission to increase power levels....? Right now, I don't even get the slightest signal from them in NoVa.
There is some speculation that even though the unit has two tuners, it only has one MPEG decoder. If this speculation is correct (for cost reasons, perhaps?), then only a single video stream can be displayed at a time.
I would guess that is correct reasoning in general. But there can be other factors to consider. See here and here for some of the details. Also, while channels 7 and 9 will be fine, reusing lower VHF channels can be more problemmatic. The lowest freqs (chan 2-3) are subject to impulse noise interference, and the mid lows (4-6) can be affected significantly by spurious emissions from home computers, routers, etc.
Does anyone know if WUSA-DT will participate in CBS digital TVGOS data broadcasting? I know they are not O&O, but various OTA devices, including the new DishDVR, can make good use of the TVGOS data. This site seems to imply that Washington is/will miss out: http://www.rabbitears.info/market.php?request=tvgos
I wish that WMPT-DT 22 (42) would increase their OTA power level! Their programming just seems to make more sense than WETA-DT.
Overscan?! Just how is "overscan" defined with digital imagers and displays that most of us have now? Does your computer monitor perform overscan any more? Of course not! The original rationale for overscan was to crop the garbage edge that CRTs tended to produce. I'm content to watch the entire 1080x1920 pixel map, thank you
Well, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this set to correctly display 4:3 material from DVD. Yep, I know this is old school stuff, but I do have a few things from way back. My player is a Phillips 1080p upconverter, which I feed to the TV via HDMI. The Panny does have a "4:3" format mode, but this mode seems to only crop a slightly stretched picture instead of squeezing it and preserving the full content and original aspect ratio. I suppose I could...
If you want to normalize between the BD and the cable box, then you'll need to give them different, NOT the same, adjustment values. There should be enough adjustability with this feature to get all the inputs fairly close to each other. With my settings, I find that a TV volume of around 20-30 is now "normal" volume for all inputs. Play around with it
All- I'm a new owner, and am loving the picture of this set. But I am noticing lip sync problems that I did not have before when using component video connections into an older RP set. It's very slight, but enough to notice, and of course, bother me. My setup is now all HDMI video connections, and I have the problem regardless of whether I'm listening to the set's internal speakers or via optical-out into a AVR. My sources are a Dish 722 and a Phillips DVD. Anyone...
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