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Arggh. I just received my mail-order 32D42U, and it was DOA!! Absolutely nothing except a blinking green power light and OPC light. I'm sure the code means something (any ideas??), but I'll have to deal with Sharp service now. Great.
I can't stand hearing the announcers in fake stereo. If ABC isn't able to support full 5.1 (or even 3.0), why wouldn't they simply fall back to two-channel ProLogic? At least the announcers could then be mixed in mono and be properly heard in the center channel!
Right. My concern is that I am seeing the entire scan area on the left and right, so the score box appears WAY inside the image window (horizontally). We all would prefer minimal overscan, but whatever it is needs to be consistent on all four sides of the image.
They are actually OK. The bending you see in the pic is keystoning from not holding the digicam exactly at screen level!And that is another digicam artifact! The culprit in this case is slow shutter speed, which caused a slight blur when the title was rolling.Now that is real. This is what I referred to as compression blockiness.
Here's a screen pic of an ESPN-SD football game. You will not be able to tell from this particular pic that the vertical aspect is squeezed, but notice where the Score box (upper left) is in relation to the left side - FAR AWAY! I think the aspect appearance is being distorted because the overscan is not even on all four sides. It seems that the H20 is generating an image with virtually no overscan on the left and right sides. In fact, you can also see a slight...
Right. There is no adjustment on the consumer plasmas. But the problem is still coming from the H20! The image window (that within the gray pillar bars) is the correct size. But the picture INSIDE that window is stretched in height. I was watching DirecTV-SD basketball last night, and the players looked another 6" taller! The stretching problem does NOT occur with digital-SD local channels, and changing resolution or input type (HDMI vs. component) does not make any...
Quote: Originally Posted by water1 I have 2 - 6X8 multiswitches with long runs ... How long is "long"? I'm debating whether to attempt installing the AT9, which will require repositioning my old dish in order to get all the lower sats. But the total cable length could be 150' or so. I understand the recommended max is 100'. How critical is this length?
I just got my parents connected up with a new H20. The OTA reception is extraordinary - and they live in an area very prone to multipath UHF problems. But I have noticed a slight distortion of the picture on SD channels - in the form of a slight side-to-side squeeze. It 's small, maybe 2-4%, but my eye notices these things. It's as if the picture is being stretched in height. This occurs when Format is set to Pillar-box, of course (which should give no...
I'm thinking of upgrading my parents to the H20 box, but their present single LNB dish can only see the 101 satellite. And unfortunately, the current dish location (backyard pole) cannot see lower than 101 due to tree blockage. There is still value in getting the H20 (because of OTA HD channels), but I would still like to try and get an AT9 installed. Here's the issue: The only location where a dish could see all the D* birds is in the front yard, which would require...
I'm about to set my parents up with a TH-37PX50U. Their STB's options for output include 720p, 1080i, or Native. Is it the concensus that Panny's generally will do the best job of scaling inside the set? (In which case, I would set the STB to "Native" output.) Or should I set the STB to 720p (which is the closest approximation to the Panny's resolution)? Has anyone actually tried different settings? Is there any visible difference, or is this all theoretical?!
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