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I'm looking forward to this. Growing up with these guys and owning so many of their albums, it will be interesting to see the "behind the scenes" from an adult point of view. This won 4 Tony's in 2006, but I can't see this doing much at the BO.
The nice thing about movies, Scott, is that while some are a hit and some are a miss, at least we get an opportunity to see for ourselves and make up our own mind.
If you haven't seen Jayne Mansfield's Car, I highly recommend it. It didn't get the greatest reviews, but I liked it so much I gave it 4 stars on Netflix. Great cast, also.BB is busy once again and has 5 movies to be released within the next year. Looking forward to them.
To me, Fargo is a classic. And that means everything about it has been fried into my brain. How do you top William H. Macy's performance? You don't. I feel for Martin Freeman, because he has to step into those shoes and make the character his own. He did, and he performed well. But Macy became one of my favorite actors because of his portrayal of Jerry Lundegaard, and no one will ever be able to live up to his performance. So that's one reason why it took me 20 minutes or...
If you are a golf fan and missed Arnie on the golf channel, you missed an excellent series. If that series doesn't win an award of some kind I don't know what will.
But when they start off trending poorly, they tend to remain that way. I have it in my queue.
I have this on my DVR to watch tonight. Heck, anything with Billy Bob is automatic watch for me. Will every episode be 1:30?
So far the reviews have been terrible. 27% on RT.
Thanks for the heads-up. Just ordered the BD.
New Posts  All Forums: