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Can someone share general guidelines on how to go about doing a day time mode calibration? I'm new to the world of DIY calibration and am very pleased with the results using auto calibrate except when watching TV on the plasma during the day. I have a DVDO Duo with one output connected to a plasma (Panasonic ST60) and the other to a projector (JVC RS4800). Both calibrations have given me very nice improvements. Skin tones look natural, and I see more shadow detail...
I'd like to know as well. I know many migrated to HDJ. What happened? Did this forum, or AVS in general, lost some form of freedom?
Oh, I'm sure it does include all kind of fees. Time Warner is my ISP. I only have internet service through them but their bill has no breakdown of any kind. Just a total amount due.Anyhow, it makes sense to classify broadband as a communication service. To be honest, I didn't know that it wasn't already until this ruling.
If the FCC reclassifies internet service providers as a communications industry...then we get to pay all the associated taxes and fees like we did on our phone bills, right?
http://bgr.com/2014/01/15/net-neutrality-verdict-analysis-netflix/From the above:
Selling my Pioneer PRO-FPJ1 (JVC RS2 clone). Very lightly used. I have 609 hours on the original lamp and counting (2-4 hours added every week or so). If you are interested or have any questions please post here or send me a PM.
Hi,Are you still looking? I have a Pioneer PRO-FPJ1, which is a JVC RS2. I'm looking to sell it as I'm hardly using my front projector. Please PM for details.
Thanks for sharing. I assume this deal is over the phone?
Kraine, Thanks for posting the promo video. Looks like the 55es model will still have manual shift controls, correct?
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