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They only recently became available. At a price of $2995 and not publishing any substantial information regarding their performance...I don't know. I really liked the old M&K brand but as has been said earlier in the thread times are very different now.
Thanks David!
In this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1407242/good-cheap-motherboard-for-a-whs2011-flex-raid-home-server/0_70 The word ebay is hyperlinked to www.ebay.com everywhere it occurs. I am a paid member and have turned advertising off (I don't have any plug ins; running the latest of Firefox). I swear the Viglink stuff wasn't activated until today...or am I imagining things?
I have a set of Take 5s that I no longer use. Have the box and packing material as well. Send me a PM.
Great to see that he's gotten the store going. I still love my MX-125II. But those prices!
I don't know if its solely for the familiarity of the previous look but I much prefer the old AVS. I hope I get more adjusted and comfortable with the new format.
Is there a reason you went with a 30 Fmod instead of a 25? Curious is all. lilmike suggests a high pass filter of 25 with this sub.Edit: There isn't a 25 hz Fmod available. Either 20 or 30. So 20 must be too low, I assume.
David, Thread search related enhancement: would it be possible to re-enable functionality to download a thread in a future release? Some of the threads are too long for on-line searching (like any of the Oppo threads or the Audyssey thread). Its was quicker and simpler to download the thread to text and search inside Notepad or whatever editor you chose.
Thread title edited. Thanks for taking the time to read all these threads. Now go enjoy what little is left of Sunday.
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