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Thanks for the quick response. She uses the second coax from the Dual LNB to connect a bedroom receiver. Is there a way to use 3 receivers on a dual LNB dish?
I'm looking to help a friend with a Dish 510 install and could use some advice. She has a Dish Network, dual LNB pizza dish, with one coax wire coming into the TV room. They want to use their existing standard receiver as well as the new 510 on the same television. Is there a multiswitch I can buy which would allow her to split the signal to run into both receivers? Thanks, Paul
Quote: Originally posted by rad ;) Hey, what do you guys expect, they're the cable company (Cablevision). And they'll be there sometime between 7:30 and 5, right? :D
I must be alone, but for the past few days, KYW-DT has been really weak for me; generally 10-20%. Historically, its been 75-100%. Anyone aware of any changes they've made? I pulled in 6-1, 29-1, and 10-1 perfect up here in Northwest Jersey last night, but no 3-1.
Don, I suspect you've been blacked out on the non-HD channels showing the Jags because of the lack of a sellout at Alltel Stadium. This would have been the same in the previous years with the Sunday Ticket as well. Good luck, and hope your Jags can get a win soon. Paul
No fee yet for EA Sports, but it's probably just a matter of time; of course then they'll see the numbres go way down, much as the Sims Live has been a bust from an on-line revenue generation standpoint.
The earlier post referencing early games that go long makes an excellent point. We will not see the beginning of 4:00 games in our local market if a 1:00 game goes over. Used to be you could flip to the Sunday Ticket channel if the local affiliate went long. Also, what about situations where the local affiliate switches games? Case in point- WCBS in NY carries 3 quarters of Pats-Bills and then switched to Dolphins-Texans at about 3:30. Granted, the Pats-Bills was a...
This is a significant problem for me as well. I subscribe to the Ticket so I can see all of the Patriots games. WCBS in NYC is my local affiliate, and they carried the Pats-Bills Sunday; problem is, because the game was 28-0 early in the 4th quarter, they switched to the Dolphins-Texans. There was no way for a Sunday Ticket subscriber in the NY metro area to watch the final quarter of the Bills-Patriots game because of the blackout. I wonder what will happen next...
There was an truck labelled "High Definitioin" outside Fenway at Friday night's Sox-Yankee game, but I think it said NHK on it as well. Perhaps this was for the Matsui fans back in Japan?
Today's Boston Globe reports that the outage was due to a blown transformer at the park, and generally credits the network for doing the right thing by moving Miller & Sutcliffe to the Desportes booth: http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/20...ativity+.shtml
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