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Iron1, Yup, we're not far from each other- I'm just outside of Hackettstown. I have a rooftop ChannelMaster UHF and pull in the digital versions of 3 and 6 from Philly with high reliability. 10 and 29's digitals are spotty, but word from some of the Philly folks on this board is that they're both going to be upping their power from a new tower in October. I also get WLVT-DT (PBS-Allentown) and WVIA-DT (PBS-Scranton) 100% all the time. I live on top of a hill,...
The Radio Shack 15-1994 is a great deal: $29.95 when on sale, and it controls everything, has a learning mode, and offers the ability to program macros. It's well-described on the remotecentral.com site mentioned earlier.
This is a great dish, and once you get your signals where you need them, you'll be set for any upcoming HD changes DirecTV sends our way.
There's a thread on the local HDTV board that references an e-mail from the station which says late-September, mid-October. We're almost there!
Hopefully they'll deliver KYW-DT type of power, not the weak signal WCAU and WTXF give us!
Mr. Laser, Welcome to Jersey! Do a search and you'll find several threads with info about DTV options in NJ. With the right equipment, you might have success pulling in Philly or Trenton. Good luck, Paul
Joeriz, From Media you should be able to throw an antenna up in the attic and get the Philly digitals OTA for no charge. You'll need DirecTV to get HBO-HD or HDNet, but at least you'll get each of the major networks.
At the beginning of the movie, HBO indicated it would be in Dolby Digital 5.1, but my DST-3000 didn't have the Dolby logo on the display bar. It sure sounded great, but can anyone confirm that it truly was 5.1?
I believe if you buy and HD-upgradeable set, and if Comcast offers HD in your area, then you can rent the Comcast box instead of buying a separate set-top box. Of course, you will be limited to HD offerings from Comcast, and won't be able to pull in anything over the air.
I'm in agreement- HDNet will need much better content if they want to begin charging. Right now, I primarily turn on HDNet when I want to show a friend how good the picture can be. Of course, if the baseball and hockey coverage included more of the NY/Boston area teams, then I'd probably change my tune. But how often can you watch Minnesota play Detroit?
New Posts  All Forums: