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Thanks for the info. I guess the main question is can I distribute audio via the 1707 to these speakers somehow? If not, is there another dist audio receiver out there that may be economical. I would like to keep the price tag around $500. Thanks.
[QUOTE You must hook up the L/R analog audio from your soruces to make it work as well.[/quote] Can you elaborate on this? An example would be great...slow learner here. I think what you are saying is to have the white and red wires plugged into the receiver from the source I want to control?
I'm using my receiver for 5.1 upstairs in the media and curious how this ZONE 2 thing works. Can I run a different source from the receiver to this zone via the back channel speakers(B) ? If so can someone explain how to set this up. I am trying to run speakers to my pool and do not want to interupt the audio from the TV. Is this possible with this receiver? Thank you.
Down in my living room, I have a Denon 1707 receiver that I want to use to distribute audio to multiple rooms. The layout in my house goes like this: 5.1 in main living room - front and rear ceiling mount - center stand alone speaker in bedroom - ceiling mount speaker in bath room - ceiling mount speaker in garage - ceiling mount speaker in den - ceiling mount speaker in office - ceiling mount Each station has its own volume knob in room (new home), all wires...
Knuck, Thanks for the details. This information is very helpful. I'll have more questions as I go. Thanks again.
I've got all my Hardware and ready to start mounting the new projector. That said, before I do anything I would appreciate any and all suggestions. The room deimensions are 16' 2" x 12' 6". The Projector will be ceiling mounted: Projector is a Panasonic PT-AE1000U The screen: Carada, Criterion Series: 88" diagonal, 1.78 to 1, Classic Cinema White. I have a million questions but will start with the minor details as I have not done a projector install yet. This...
I'm a full fledged newbie when it comes to ripping DVDs. I have Vista Premium on my desktop that currently streams music,pictures, and HD content to my XBOX360 via the extender. I want to rip my DVDs and have and be able to stream those as well. Could someone please walk me through the most feasible way to do this? I want to keep the quality of the movie somwhat in tact as I have the XBOX360 plugged into a 50 inch plasma. I would also like to keep the 5.1 sound. ...
I building a new HTPC and looking for suggestions on a full size ATX case. I've been looking at the Zalmon ($$) 160XT and the Ahanix MCE701 as I want the flat form case to fit in my media center. That said, I am interested in a case with the front LCD feature. I've been reading reviews and different post on the topic. I want to be able to have an interface to the HTPC without having to turn on the primary display. I'm not sure if all the front LCD Panels work...
I was looking at the same case for HTPC. I'm still not sure...can you run Windows Media Center on the front LCD? TV (main display) off, can I boot this case/pc and have windows/internet/etc showing on the 7 inch LCD screen? Or is it just the interface from the supplied software?
Quote: Originally Posted by adrman This would probably do the trick. I use the smaller version with a 26" lcd in the corner of my bedroom and it's fantastic. Thanks for the info. That looks like a good fit, but cost more than a nice 32 inch CRT. Are there any recommendations that are cheaper?
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