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HI Guys, I have my 6PG Xtra installed for almost a year and I am now using 9000ES with IScan Pro. I wish to purchase an affordable scaler (don't mind 2nd hand) for the CRT but I only got 3 brands that I can choose here in Hong Kong (as far as i know) 1) Faroudja 2) Quad Scan Pro 3) Dream Scaler For 1), I saw a DVP2200 here in a 2nd hand shop. Some ppl told me that it has a bug but not sure how it impact to the picture qualiity ?? For 2), the price is just...
Hi, Is it wise to use Belden cable for the sub connection ? If so, pls let me know the cable no. Mine is using Energy 8" and will be connecting to Marantz AV-9000 pre-amp. Best Regards! Tristan
Hi, I am seeking advise for DIYing the following cables : 1) Power cord for Amp. (Tube / AV amp) 2) Video cable (Coax) from VCR to Projector. 3) Speaker cable for centre (don't know if Belden have such kind of cable). Thanks for info. sharing. Tristan
Hi, I am not using PowerPlant as it was out of my budget. But I use a very good power conditioner. BTW, I also used Roller block as well. I know that there is a killer of Powerplant out there ... www.powersnakes.com MY power conditioner can be found in http://www.Quantumqrt.com. Tristan
Hi, I am going to buy a power cord for my 9000ES DVD Player. Someone said that JPS Video AC is good enough and what is your comment ? Tristan
Hi, When adding/changing cables/DVD players and all other AV gears, what will be your reference DVD / LD ? Which chapter .. in order to get the noticeable result :P P.S Besides Video Essen. Tristan
Hi, 6PG xtra has just arrived 6 months with 80" 4:3 screen and DVDO PLUS. Detail HT gears: www.**********.hk/~taiwan. Tristan
Hi, Since I haven't chance to see the real thing (haven't arrived yet here in Hong Kong) I would like to know the following: 1) Does it still using a cheapo power supply (like my old Iscan Plus) ? 2) Does it come with a remote ? As I know that it is possible to adj brightness etc ... 3) Any heating problem ? Thanks! Tristan
Hi, The installation was perfomred by a AV Consultaning firm which they provided me a 12M long Denko (Japan well-known cable company) power cable. And my 6PG xtra is now 6 months old. I wish to change the power cable and would like to have your suggestion. Which one is affordable but have a petty cool perforamnce. Of course, I don't mind DIY. Tristan
Dear Jim, Thanks for you reply. As I have no idea of component inputs (never deal with), do you mean the pic quality is far better if I use the component inputs from 9000ES to PRO rather than using 9000ES s-video to PLUS ? Thanks! Tristan
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