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I have an Infocus X10 with about 2500 hours on the original bulb. Today the picture showed a blue tint after the projector was on for about an hour. You could see the image, but the picture had a blue tint to it. The tint is uniform across the picture. I shut it down for about 10 minutes, turned it back on, the picture was normal for a few minutes and then the blue tint appeared again. Does anyone know if this means that the bulb is going or is it something else. I...
I fixed it. I went in to the troubleshoot wizard, checked that Help didn't fix the problem, and changed the power button to "toggle" from "separate button to turn on and off". I agree with garciab that it was sending a "double off" signal, probably by default as some projectors require a harder "off" command to shut down, but the X10 seems to get the off signal the first time, and the redundant command simply abort the shutdown procedure.
-I have a new Infocus X10 and a Haromy 670. -Everything works well EXCEPT when I hit off on the 670, the projector starts to power off (and displays a message that states "Hit any key to abort turning off"), and then the 670 must send out a signal to the projector that a key has been pressed, as the projector aborts shutting down. -Any suggestions as how to fix this?
Just got my new SR6003. It is in a closet. I have an IR Repeater that feed from the top of my screen into the closet. All components are working via IR repeater except the Marantz. I have troubleshot this to no avail and can't find anything in the forum to address this. The repeater is about 8 years old. Is it possible that the Marantz somehow doesn't like the IR signal from the receiver? Thanks in advance!
I have a HD DirecTv Tivo 250 and some sort of Hughes HD box. On both boxes, I go in daily and de-select the shopping channels (Gem, QVC, etc) out of the channels that I receive, yet these channels always reappear in my channel line up. I never had this problem with my good old DTC-100. Any suggestions how to stop this? Yes, I know that this is very anal. Thanks!
I switched to the list guide and it is faster, but I really prefer the DirecTv guide. Hopefully I will get the 6.2 update. I live in Atlanta, and we are supposed to be one of the first markets to get the new Mpeg4 equipment, so one way or another hopefully this will be resolved.
I just got a DirecTV HD TiVo HR10-250. -When I pull up the programming guide, it takes about a full second or two to display the guide information. -When I hit the down button to bring up the next set of channels and programming, again it takes about a full second or longer for all of the information to appear. -The information is almost scrolling down the screen, rather than appearing all at once. -Has anyone else experienced this, or did I get a dud? -I have...
Thanks. I'll look on remote central tonight and see what I can find. Jason
I searched the web but couldn't find one. Much appreciated. Jason Smith
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