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Watched the BR Saturday night on my Oppo BDP-83 UN55B8500 combo. Excellent movie and it really did have a excellent transfer. It was neat to compare it the the John Wayne version and the different endings. Really enjoyed the new version. Jeff Bridges was great. Watched Adam Sandler's "Just Go with It" last night. Another good looking disc and some good looking babes in it but man I want those two hours of my life back. Did not enjoy it at all. Should have watched "Outlaw...
I played the demo and then went to Amazon and cancelled my pre-order before it was too late. Maybe when it comes to Steam on a $5.00 weekend sale but that would be a stretch even then. Jim
Yes sir that is mine. Hoping for a quick sale also. Don't want to use ebay. Thanks, Jim
Basil Poledouris did the original score for Quigley and Lonesome Dove. I noticed the similarities also. Jim
Thank you very much. I don't know why when I searched Oppo DV-983H it would show other Oppo players but not that page. I would like to keep mine but have 3 players in my rack now and my BDP-83 works as a region free player so with some medical bills piling up I could use the cash. Thanks again for the link. I really appreciate it. I'll try that before e-bay. Jim
I've finally decided to sell my 983. I was going to list mine on Amazon but noticed it doesn't show up on their site anymore. I haven't sold anything on eBay in awhile and don't really feel that comfortable selling on there these days. May not have a choice if I want to move it. Jim
Quote: Originally Posted by JazzGuyy Maybe. A lot of European BDs are really region-free. The way to test is to set your player for Region A Blu-Ray and see if the disc plays. If it does, it's region free. If it is really a Region B disc you will get a message that the disc is incompatible with your player. If you have the bluraychip mod from Denmark you can use the procedure I posted a few days ago in this forum to set up the mode to work properly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Neuromancer rdgrimes is a Beta Tester, so he has multiple OPPO players (much like I do). I have each player set to use a different code, and have the older players disconnected so I don't accidentally turn them ON and make SETUP changes unknowngly. Changing the Remote Code started with the BDP-83. The older DVD players did not have alternative code sets. Yeah I looked tonight when I got home and you beat me to...
On mine I had to reset the 83 remote code to 1 because I have two OPPO's in my rack. The older 983 and my 83. I think that was what they are asking about on the remote codes. Maybe??? Jim
Glad to hear they took care of you. I've always heard good things about Square Trade warranties so that is why I bought one for my UN55B8500 when I bought it. Good to hear stories like this
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