Home Theater Seminars in Denver and Colorado Springs

home theater seminars

If you live in the Denver or Colorado Springs areas—or if you can plan to visit one of those areas in mid-March—there’s an event you should know about. The Screening Room, an AV retailer in Colorado, is hosting two Home Theater Seminars, where you can learn tons of useful info and experience demos of some state-of-the-art home-theater products. The seminar will be presented three times: on March 11 and 12 at the Denver Tech Center Marriott and on March 18 at the Colorado Springs Marriott. The festivities take place from 1:00 to 6:00 PM on each day.

Topics of discussion will include decoding HT jargon, projectors versus flat panels, choosing the right projection screen, how to get rid of black bars on movies, speakers and room acoustics, science versus snake oil in audio, immersive audio, and room layout, along with plenty of time for Q&A with industry experts.

Who are those experts? They include Chris Deutsch, National Product and Training Manager for JVC; Gregg Loewen, calibrator extraordinaire and video instructor for THX; and John Schuermann and Brad White, both AV experts and principals of The Screening Room. Two additional guests will join the fun in Denver: Kris Deering, tech editor and reviewer for Sound & Vision, and Robert Keeler, VP of Sales and Projector and Screen Trainer for Stewart Filmscreen.

In addition to instructional sessions, attendees will get to experience some killer demos, including JVC’s awesome DLA-RS4500 4K laser-illuminated projector, the JVC DLA-RS620 projector, Stewart StudioTek 130 and Phantom ambient light-rejecting screens (as well as samples of just about every screen material known to humankind!), Oppo UDP-203 UHD Blu-ray player, Anthem AVM 60 11.2-channel preamp/processor and MRX 720 AV receiver, Emotiva XPA3 power amp, and Revel F208, C208, and M106 speakers and B112 subwoofer. Also likely to be there will be JBL M2 and LSR708 speakers and S2S-EX subs as well as SDA8300 and SDA4600 power amps.

It’s important to note that this is not a sales event. Rather, it is intended to be educational for AV geeks who want to learn more about the hobby we all love and experience the state of the art in home-theater audio and video reproduction. Of course, if you decide you want to buy something, The Screening Room will be happy to accommodate you, but there will be no sales pressure at all.

Both events are free to attend if you register by March 3 at TheScreeningRoomAV.com. Starting March 4, tickets are $10 per person online or $20 at the door. So get thee to Denver or Colorado Springs for some serious home-theater geekery!