Home Theater of the Month: The Barber Theater

When attorney Kris Barber and his wife decided to build their “forever” home in Lucas, Texas, they knew it had to have a dedicated home theater. They wisely decided not to entrust the general contractor with the job, asking the architect to simply include a 25×25-foot empty box in the plans. Then, Kris called on Dennis Erskine to design and build the theater, with very impressive results.

While I was in Dallas for the CEDIA Expo last October, I visited Kris at his home to see the theater for myself. Happily, Dennis was also in town for the show, so he joined us to talk about the process of designing and building this beautiful, high-performance audio/video sanctuary. Here’s my interview with both of them, along with images from the build and the finished room:

The Barbers spent over $150,000 on their dream theater, but it was well worth every penny. After all, this is the family’s forever home, and their first goal was to make the theater a destination that would not fall into disuse. I think there’s no danger of that—in fact, I’m willing to bet the theater will entertain family and friends for generations to come.

For much more detail about how the Barber’s home theater came together, check out the build thread here.

If you’d like your home theater considered for HT of the Month, PM me with the details and a link to your build thread if available.



DirecTV satellite receiver
Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray player
Sony PS4 game console
Sony PS3 game console

AV Electronics

Trinnov Altitude 24 pre/pro
Audio Control Savoy 7-channel power amp
Audio Control Pantages 5-channel power amps (2)
QSC DSP 322ua signal processors (2)


Runco VX-22 with anamorphic lens on motorized sled


Stewart StudioTek 130 (12′ wide, 2.35:1, CineCurve, 1.3 gain, acoustically transparent microperf)


Lumagen Mini


Procella 815 (3, LCR)
Procella P8 (6, surrounds)
Triad Mini/8 (9, in-ceiling for Atmos, Auro, DTS:X)
Procella P18 subwoofers (2)


Mogami balanced cable for LCR and subwoofers
Liberty speaker cable
Wireworld interconnects



Power Conditioning

Torus Power


Fusion Escape (4)
Couch from previous house

Room Dimensions

16′ (W) x 20′ (L) x 10′ (H) in front of room
18′ (W) x 20′ (L) x 10′ (H) in back of room