Jamo Shows Studio 8 Series Dolby Atmos-Enabled 5.1.2 Speaker System at CES 2017

Jamo Atmos Studio 8 System at CES 2017

Looking for affordable speakers with Danish design flair and Atmos-enabled capability? Jamo’s Studio 8 series should fit the bill, at least based on what I saw and heard at CES 2017.

The Studio 8 Series brings Scandinavian design to Atmos-enabled stand-alone speaker systems and the result looks as good as it sounds. At CES 2017, I heard an immersive audio demo of a 5.1.2 system using a pair of Jamo (pronounced yam-oh) S 807 towers topped with the S 8 ATM Atmos-enabled modules. Jamo’s J10 powered subwoofer ($400) handled the bass.

Jamo’s Studio 8 lineup is priced by the system, either as a 5.0.2 Atmos rig or a 5.0 surround system. You can get the Atmos-enabled, S 807 ATM 5.0.2 HCS—with S 807 tower speakers for the front left and right channels—for $1150. Or, you can get the S 803 ATM 5.0.2 HTS that uses S 803 bookshelf speakers for left and right channel duties for $850. If you don’t want Atmos, the S 807 5.0 HCS costs $1000 and the S 803 5.0 HCS runs $700 per system.

Even though we were surrounded by a massive number of attendees, with a twirl of the volume knob, the Jamo system easily overcame the raucous din of the Las Vegas Convention Center show floor. While playing a clip of Everest from Dolby’s Atmos demo disc, we even managed to push the sub to its excursion limit and it stayed composed. Dolby Atmos did its thing by appropriately placing sounds overhead.

The cool thing about the Jamo towers is they have built-in wiring and terminals for the optional Atmos modules. This allows for a clean, minimalist look and super-easy installation.

It’s impossible to properly review an immersive surround system under CES show floor conditions. Still, this Jamo rig sounded quite good and the price was easy to swallow for what you get.

Additionally, Jamo demonstrated its ATM 50 add-on Atmos module ($400/pair), which is compatible with any speaker system. At the show, these were paired with the company’s C97 floorstanding loudspeakers ($750 each), which are already available.