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My 3D Home Theater

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Description The 55" screen size was the maximum I could manage in my living room. I positioned the sofa and chair so that viewing distance would be about 7.5'-8' to enhance the 3D experience. As a result I created a separate living area behind the sofa not related to my home theater. My 7.2 sound system is definitely overkill for apartment living so I try to be considerate and when I expect company, I let my neighbors know! My speakers are part 2004 Sony Home Theater for the side and rear surrounds with new, budget Sony Towers left and right and center channel. The sound is HUGE and the center channel speaker had to sit on it's own speaker stand in front of the Sony purchased Proforma stand (solid wood-weighs a ton!) Speaker wire was run with conduit on one wall and ceiling due to configuration of room. It's not unpleasant looking; most people don't notice it. Remember, I rent!
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I guess this may be called a modest HT. But adding it all up, it was quite an investment for me. I couldn't be happier. The L & R rear surround back speakers had to be ceiling mounted but are just behind the sofa tilted down toward the viewer. It works great.
The ceiling conduit needed reinforcement since the adhesive was meant for walls so there are some steel brackets supporting the conduit where needed.
AVS › steve ans › My 3D Home Theater