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My Home Theater

List type Home Theater
Description 100" 16:9 DIY Acoustic Transparent screen Panasonic AX200u projector Onkyo TXNR3007 THXUltra2 AVR Behringer EP2500 pro amp Panasonic BD55 BD player Xbox 360 Elite Adire 281 Left and Right (diy) Adire LCC center (diy) Emotiva bi/dipole surrounds x4 DIY Large Low Tuned subs x2 18" sub driver 11hz tune
Last updated Jun 8, 2012 at 3:50 pm

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You are my kind of audio bass head. I thought you would have some pics of the 8 SI 18" drivers in their sealed cabinets that you mentioned in the SI24" thread.
AVS › Scott Simonian › My Home Theater