NAD Electronics Introduces C 328 Integrated Amplifier

NAD C 328 Integrated Amplifier

Audio enthusiasts seeking NAD’s non-nonsense approach to high-quality audio amplification at an affordable price will be thrilled to know that the company has announced the C 328 integrated amplifier. The “simple is better” design philosophy is a time honored doctrine at NAD, and in this case it yields a compact component with an MSRP of $549.

The C328 is a stereo integrated amplifier that offers 50 W per channel of continuous power into either 8 ohm or 4 ohm speaker loads. Thanks to the use of a switch-mode power supply and class D output stage, this amp runs cool, conserves energy, and can fit into tight spaces.

In the press release, NAD notes that it has engineered an amplifier topology that provides load-invariant performance, which assures consistently linear (and consequently uncolored) performance regardless of the speaker being driven. This is achieved through the use of a Hypex UcD output stage.

The C 328 integrated amplifier comes with Bluetooth support built-in, for easy streaming using a variety of electronic devices. The company notes that Bluetooth can sound a lot better than you might think, which is a statement I agree with. I’ll go right ahead and say it, this makes it super easy to add an Amazon Echo Dot to the system so you can live like it’s 2017!

As far as physical connections go, you get a pair of digital optical inputs, a pair of digital coaxial inputs, a moving magnet phono input, as well as to analog stereo RCA inputs. Plus, there’s a subwoofer out. Furthermore, this unit includes a dedicated headphone amplifier, bass EQ, and an infrared remote.

If you’re keeping things simple, and going for a modest yet fulfilling two-channel system, I’m not sure what else you need than what the C 328 offers.

NAD’s C 328 will ship in November 2017. If you’re attending Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver (taking place October 6-8, 2017) be sure to check out an NAD and its sister brands PSB plus Bluesound in room 8021 in the Tower.