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Older LED TV still holds up to many modern offerings

A Review On: 46UX600U 46" LED Smart TV 120Hz 1080p

46UX600U 46" LED Smart TV 120Hz 1080p

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Pros: Sharp, colorful picture. Very bright. Lots of connectivity options. Smooth natural motion.

Cons: Glossy screen prone to glares, some light leakage issues

After having this TV for over 2 years, I feel like I've really put it through it's paces. I have decided that Toshiba's ClearFrame 120Hz technology is useful without being overbearing. A lot of new TVs have the artificial "soap opera effect" that to me is really distracting when watching movies. The Colors and Contrast are great, and the display is very bright- the caveat being that it's easy to see glare on the glossy screen. So while it looks very slick, make sure you don't have reflections as it will be very distracting. I have noticed that the totally black screen in complete darkness (an uncommon scenario at my house) reveals fairly extensive light leakage. This could be distracting to many viewers and is probably the greatest weakness of LED/LCD TVs.

I have used the SD card function to view pictures on the TV. Depending on the size of the pictures, this may or may not be a great experience. If you convert all your pictures to 1920 pixels wide, they load fairly quickly and the viewing experience is seamless. If you leave all your pictures at 12MP (4000 x 3000 resolution on my DSLR); they take a long time to load and the experience is lessened. It does work well enough. The provided wireless dongle works OK, but I don't use streaming services so my experience on these is low.

The audio for the TV I haven't experienced, since I run all my audio through Paradigm speakers hooked up to my AVR.

The stand that the TV comes with is large but sturdy, and the TV swivels maybe 25 degrees to each side. The actual TV itself is very thin, and I imagine if you wall-mounted the TV this would become more of a factor.

I have used this TV as a 1920 x 1080 monitor for my HTPC for hundreds of hours. It works pretty well for this, it's crisp and clean and bright. Text is readable even in smaller fonts. PC didn't have any problems outputting the right type of signal for the display. I have not noticed any burn-in, but I tend not to leave static images on my screen for any length of time.

Since this TV is an older model, it's likely that very few people will be aquiring one, now that newer TVs are out with more streaming features and built-in WIFI. However, if you were looking to pick up a "used" display for a modest price, this model would be one to consider. If you don't need 3D, if you don't need Netflix, and aren't turned off by the light leakage issues, you could get a bright and sharp looking 1080p display for a good price.

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As a Japenese salesman told me once, "Stuff all same; you buy features."
AVS › Reviews › Displays › LED HDTV › 46UX600U 46" LED Smart TV 120Hz 1080p › Reviews › djkest's Review