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Act of Valor [Blu-ray] Reviews


Thank God I've never been "downrange"


Pros: Great action sequences

Cons: Real Navy seals acting

A movie well worth it for several amazing scenes. The "splashdown" sequence is worth the price of admission. The "first person shooter" filming got old quick. The story is a little jumpy and sometimes the acting is a little hard to watch though the bad guys do better. "Senior" is the best seal "actor" and not someone I'd want to cross. I'd really like to see more missions, especially the lopsided ones, as seals preparation is second to none.

Movie Worth Watching


Pros: Using real Navy Seals

Cons: Using real Navy Seals

Overall I like the movie but the acting needed a little work. To be honest though, I would probably be concerned if the Seals were really good actors. The picture quality was good but not great. While I was able to watch it on a calibrated screen, I was limited to listening to it through the TV speakers. So I cannot comment on the quality of the audio. Also, I did not watch the special features.
AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Movies › Act of Valor [Blu-ray] › Act of Valor [Blu-ray] Reviews