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The Clearstream 2 delivers.

A Review On: Antennas Direct C2 ClearStream Television Antenna

Antennas Direct C2 ClearStream Television Antenna

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Pros: compact size; solid construction; decent gain; easy assembly

Cons: nothing comes to mind

I picked up a Clearstream 2 a few months ago, after trying several indoor antennas with fair results. My location is only 10 miles from the majority of area signals; however we have 4 VHF stations to try and receive. For many, this can be challenging.

Although this is primarily a UHF antenna, and ISN'T the model that includes a VHF dipole, I was relieved to see that it picks up all my area VHF's just fine...including the one on channel 6!! I suspect if I were another 10 miles out, that might be a different story. Anyway the UHF gain is pretty good, and even though it's permanently aimed southeast, it still picks up a set of UHF's at about 15 miles to the northwest.

There are other stations at around 50 miles to the west I'd like to get...and aren't sure even if the next model up would accomplish that, but in the meantime I have no complaints with the CS 2 and would recommend it to anyone in a similar situation who just needs to improve reception that an indoor antenna might find challenging.


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