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Arcam FMJ AVR 600 1.4

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Arcam FMJ AVR 600 1.4

Highly advanced high-end component AV receiver, from Arcam of Cambridge UK "The finest sound I have heard in my life, from any system. Ever. Anywhere. Peter Moncrieff - Widescreen Review" Rated and reviewed by many as having the best sound quality of any AV component on the market, the AVR600 AV receiver represents a tour-de-force of Arcam’s design skill and technical prowess. While most receivers are designed to provide an overwhelming list of specifications but are short on outright performance, the AVR600 is focused on the complete experience. Never before has an AV receiver delivered such a fine balance of state of the art sound and video processing backed up by an all encompassing technical specification. The AVR600’s discrete styling hides a huge 'real-life-power' seven channel, 120wpc power amplifier and some of the most advanced audio and video processing ever seen in a high performance AV receiver. Fully equipped for the high definition world, the AVR600 decodes the very latest Dolby Digital+, Dolby TrueHD, DTS High Resolution Audio and DTS-HD Master Audio streams with phenomenal precision. With well over 100 input, output and control connections, from simple analogue I/O to high speed HDMI, the AVR600 is fully equipped to deal with the most demanding of home cinema systems or custom installations. Sources such as DVD, Blu-Ray, set-top boxes, iPods® and games machines are all accommodated with ease. Using 6 layer PCBs and ultra high precision digital audio and video circuits, the internal design of the AVR600 is the culmination of thousands of man-hours of research and development work by Arcam’s world-class design team and represents the largest project ever completed by the company.

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• Arcam drDock. All digital AV dock for iPhone/Pad. Integrates with AVR600-





AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Arcam FMJ AVR 600 1.4