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Behringer B215XL Speakers: Home Economics

A Review On: Behringer B215XL Passive Speaker Pair

Behringer B215XL Passive Speaker Pair

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This is a pretty positive review. Ive never thought of using PA style speakers for my ht/music setup, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Super efficient large driver, along with that horn tweeter has to absolutely sound huge in a room. Heck throw another one in for a center.. Haha that would be ridiculous.
I love what you've done with the place I see a Kicker car subwoofer there also - I have a couple of car subs in my house - they do just fine.
I just might buy these! If I can't find a buyer for my Emotiva XPA-3. I was thinking of getting the new JBL Eon 615s, I just like the idea of getting rid of my amp, sub, and AVR and using them full-range with a pre-pro that has balanced outs. I wonder what the cheapest option is on that end.

Mark, what AVR and cables and adapters are you using to connect to those Speakon connectors? I admit, I had to look that up, it seems good, but even more rare / high end / unsupported than XLR are at the consumer level. I was hoping to get a powered PA speaker as my next purchase, but these are less than half the price of the JBLs, although I think the JBLs are probably better for home theater due to (supposedly) better off axis response due to the waveguide and baffle resulting in 90 degrees of dispersion for both the horn and the woofer.

I'm dying to listen to some infected mushroom! I saw them once live, back in Montreal at an afterhours. Wicked time. I got into all that psy-goa stuff after Astral Projection rocked my world in the late 90's / early 00's. I also look forward to re-listening to all my old and new music, stuff like Dream Theater and The Handsome Family.

Nice to see those DIY SEOS units brought you to these "somewhat similair" options. These appear to be an out-of-the-box budget stretcher, to put behind an AT screen !
"Mark, what AVR and cables and adapters are you using to connect to those Speakon connectors? I admit, I had to look that up, it seems good, but even more rare / high end / unsupported than XLR are at the consumer level. I was hoping to get a powered PA speaker as my next purchase, but these are less than half the price of the JBLs..." RLBURNSIDE

Speakon are speaker cable connectors, and are the industry standard for pro gear. You can use any kind of connector (bare wire in my case) on the other side since it's just speaker cable. The active version of these speakers have an XLR input.
The Klipsch LaScala was originally for PA. I use a pair for stereo and HT and they produce fine sound. You can get a pair fairly cheap. Yeah they are the size of a washer but the cabinets can be veneered very nicely to fit into the décor.
Great review! Your posts are always informative.
Have you listened to any classical music, symphonic and/or chamber? These recordings are usually less 'processed' than most. Small acoustic jazz groups can be a good test too.
There's no way of knowing what the mixer heard when producing a rock/electronic/pop recording. But we all know what a live jazz group or symphony orchestra sound like.
Nice review,
I have Behringer b2031a studio monitors (nice sweetspot, crossover, flat response....) in my home theater but i´m thinking to try PA speakers, i would like more dynamic sound / SPL (bigger sound).
Could you tell us differences between these worlds? Would i miss analytic / flat / defined sound?

Thanks for sharing !
I often wonder if the oft-maligned harshness and brightness in horn-based speakers are merely a question of a person's preference for lower SPLs, and a tamer set of high frequencies (higher rolloff), both of which can be dialed down via EQ or the volume knob.

I'd rather a speaker I can dial down to be gentle with my ears, than one that I have to make excuses for why it can't keep up. I hate expensive consumer speakers that lack in "testicular fortitude".

I agree about silk dome tweeters vs compression drivers, domes are just not as good IMO.
Perfect speakers to go behind an AT screen.
Are you going with these or JBL's?
I thought the way this speaker review was written up was nothing short of excellent. Touched on important points for a speaker evaluation. Glad to see that a $400 pair of speaker floats the boat of a discerning evaluator.

That said, we are all not no. 2 yellow pencils - It's what makes the world go round. As the saying goes, "one man's passion is another man's poison".

I'm actually one of those that feel that horn based speakers to handle the high end are too bright and harsh. I love my silk domes very much and have no plans on trading them in any time soon. It's not a preference for lower SPL's, I try to shoot for what I think would be considered moderate SPL's - a volume level somewhat "full" but that doesn't cause my ears to ring the following morning, But I think it's accurate to say that I prefer a tamer set of higher frequencies. *NOT* being able to dial them down via a volume knob, but perhaps via an EQ setting - which I lack - but I do have a -2db cut of the the higher frequencies via the treble knob. Interestingly, I discovered another person, who is/was a part-time musician who adjusts their treble control in exactly the same way on their home audio equipment and the last time when that person went shopping for a synthesizer, the salesman/musician was blown away as to which models she passed over as not being accurate enough and the one she eventually picked as the only one that "sounded right". She was told that most musicians would not have been able to tell the difference of some of the models that she passed over and would have settled for something less.
Brand bias ruins good companies because most people won't consider certain brands just because some people on forums say they're bad. We had some one come in our church and said that our system was the best church system they've heard and asked me what we use; As soon as I mentioned Carvin and Radio Shack he immediately said that our system would sound better if we used a different amp and mixer. Moral of the story some people will never buy good gear because of reputation. That Radio Shack amplifier, at my church, puts out 100 watts, per channel, at 80 volts (voltage dims when anything over a couple 100 watts is being pulled, goes without saying that the outlet has an open ground) and sounds very good doing it.
I have to admit I was very surprised that you liked these speakers so much, as I have used a pair of B215Ds (the powered version of the same speaker) a few times as a PA system and honestly I thought they sounded like utter crap. On the other hand, I have also used a pair of Yamaha DSR115s, which sounded lovely, but they're $999 each.
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