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BenQ PE7700


Pros: VERY bright, Very short throw distance, Great Price

Cons: Noisy, Poor Black Levels

One of the best buys of the HD2 DLP chip era. Possess very good light production and easily user accessible and serviceable bulb and filter assemblies. The lens is capable of projecting a very bright, large image at very short throw distances. The color settings are easily accessed and adjusted to calibrate to a given target without having to enter into the service menu. The 720p resolution was good enough at its release to earn fans of its image quality. The large number of inputs included HDMI, Component and Composite RCA, S-Video, and YPbPr BNC. Unusual for a <$2.5K is the inclusion of an external control serial input for remote control of the projector.

Unfortunately, the black levels are typical for DLP and the noise level is high due to its 230W bulb.
BenQ PE7700

A 720p DLP projector that was one of the best <$2.5K projectors when I purchased it. Very bright, able to project 127" at <13 feet and easily user serviced lamb and filter.

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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Projectors › BenQ PE7700