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Perfect for small center slots in TV cabinets

A Review On: BIC AMERICA DV-32CLR 31/2" 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

BIC AMERICA DV-32CLR 31/2" 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

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HD Hockey Guy
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Pros: Small size, Bigger sound, Budget price, Clean vocals - not muddy

Cons: No banana plug connection, connections too small to take banana plug as well. Grill not removable

After purchasing a new walnut finish tv credenza to match the rest of the living room furniture, I come to find out the published specs for the center shelf being 17" wide were in fact wrong. The opening was too small to fit my current center channel speaker so I went looking for something small but well performing for under $100 to match my piece mealed HT setup. Shallow but wide living room with hard surfaces and the current center was too muddy sounding as well for my taste.

After reading a lot of Amazon reviews about BIC and in particular this little guy I decided to give it a whirl even though I originally was eyeing the next model up in price which is a little bigger.

After only a couple of hours break-in and watching several dialogue intense movies and tv shows, this speaker is a can't miss for a small to mid-size room. It doesn't look the prettiest and you can't pull off the grill to take a look behind the curtain, but no need once you hear it. Vocal are clean and strong - and best of all not muddy. Crisp but not overly bright and the mid-tones come through on deep voices.

I used Tron DTS-HD in the opening couple of chapters to really crank up the sound and balance the center trim with the mains and I couldn't be more pleased after doing the same "test" with the old center only a couple of days previous and not being able to find the sweet spot.

I then tossed in the Norah Jones SACD with DSD decoding and listened to the vocals which came through very well. Did the mains have to carry the high-bass? Yes, but with the way the tracks are mixed to cover all 3 front channels and the majority if the highs coming through on the center, it sounded like you were sitting in the middle of the club. I can't fault a <$50 speaker for anything here.

Don't be afraid - the price is just finally something fair for a good little speaker without all the flash and fuss.


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