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Boombotix Boombot2 Portable Weatherproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Pros: sound projection, awesome design, portability, price, color choices, wireless

Cons: Wireless discovery sometimes tricky

I'm usually rolling around outdoors regardless of weather, and found my Skull Candy RocNation Aviator headphones would prevent hearing my surroundings. Being the audionut that I am, I wanted my jams to still ring audibly, and wanted something ultra-portable yet affordable. After reading several dozen reviews, I gave the BB2 a go. My ears have never felt more rejuvenated.

So, I connected the wireless Boombotix Boombot2 to my iPod Touch. Initially, it connected easily; then, I rigged them both to my backpack so I could carry on without holding either of them. From a technical guy's perspective, the intricate detail that went into making the wireless components work anywhere - even where RFID cancelling devices are located - is phenomenal. The little speaker may seem futile when unwrapping, yet this powerhouse provides just enough ambient treble, generous bass, sounds excellent when I played Metallica's 'Anesthesia' (a long guitar solo). Color choices didn't really matter to me since I'm rather fond of grey, anyway.

People within 30 feet of my walking path would turn because they'd hear my jams. When matching the price, internal components and sound projection, Boombotix Boombot 2 nailed the concept better than any expensive competitor. If you need to help a distressed old lady get her purse back, the round design and hardened plastic encasement make an excellent projectile, too.

From an honest music junkie's standpoint (And I've been rockin' before many of you were born), this beats any wireless portable speaker available today based solely off how BB2 takes their round shell, packs it with EQUAL highs and lows, yet doesn't charge Beats prices. Leave the technical brouhaha for engineers, or read the packaging; for real metalheads like myself, you found your portable pal. It replaced my Aviators when I'm truckin' through the park.
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Boombotix Boombot2 Portable Weatherproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

For those that seek ultimate freedom, the BB2 offers wireless Bluetooth connectivity. While in Bluetooth mode, you can connect a BB1 or BB2 to the device and get wireless stereo sound as well. Whether you spin, dance, trick or chill, the new BB2 gives you a little bit more mobility and a lot more awesomeness.

FeatureBluetooth 2.0 wireless stereo connectivity High fidelity full range driver Water resistance for rain and snow (non-submersed) One Year No Matter What warranty Drop Tested shock proof housing
Item Height3.62 inches
Item Length3.8 inches
Item Width2.13 inches
Package Height3.46 inches
Package Length6.06 inches
Package Weight0.66 pounds
Package Width5.91 inches
ProductGroupNetwork Media Player
TitleBoombotix Boombot2 Portable Weatherproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Gunmetal Grey)
UPCList - UPCListElement856358003107 740886000007
Item Weight0.5 pounds
Warranty1 year full
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Speakers & Subwoofers › Speaker Systems › Boombotix Boombot2 Portable Weatherproof Bluetooth Wireless Speaker