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Digital Streaming Media Devices Articles

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Cutting the Cord, Part I: Best Streaming Services

  By Eric Podolsky, 8/13/12   In today’s rapidly changing world of home entertainment, more and more people are choosing to cancel their costly cable and satellite subscriptions and replace them with streaming services. And while this move away from broadcast television has its pros (less expensive, no commercials, on-demand content) and cons (no news or live sports), if you choose to go ahead and cut the cord for good, deciding which services to subscribe to can be a daunting task. Each offers its own set of content, and though there are plenty of overlaps... read more

Cutting The Cord Part II: Best Streaming Devices

    By Eric Podolsky, 8/14/12   For those looking to free themselves from the shackles of the all-powerful cable company, there are plenty of hardware options that will help you declare your independence and still get all the content you need from your TV. The world of streaming video has expanded dramatically in the past year, and though the picture quality of streaming video is still not quite up to speed with cable, the money saved through reliance on these services makes a strong argument for switching over. We know that the amount of streaming boxes on... read more

AVS Forum's Top 6 Streaming Media Players

Physical media such as Blu-ray and CD face serious challenges, due in large part to the proliferation of online media streaming. Of course, content streamed from online sources is typically not the best possible quality because it must be highly compressed to flow without interruption through the limited bandwidth available to most consumers. But no one can deny that streaming content is more convenient than physical media, and it's available on many different devices in the home and on the go.   In fact, many (if not most) TVs and Blu-ray players—as well as game... read more

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AVS › Reviews › Digital Streaming Media Devices › Digital Streaming Media Devices Articles