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Cf181d Sxrd Proj 1080P 35000:1

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Pros: excellent color accuracy, high lumen output , good remote

Cons: OK black levels, large case, 24p frame interpolation, no anamorphic lens

NOTE: This review is comparing the LG to other projectors released in 2010. Obviously there are better options available today if you are buying new.

When this projector was released in 2010, it was one of the best budget options for owners with large screens or lit media rooms. It is a 3 chip LCoS capable of 900 lumens in 'best' mode and 1400 lumens in 'bright' mode after calibration (these are my measurements on a new lamp). It has a 1.8:1 manual zoom lens with manual vertical shift. There are full color management system (CMS) controls for the two expert and one cinema mode. The short summary is that the projector is capable of producing a very bright image with excellent colors and acceptable black levels.

This projector has been one of my favorite budget projectors for skin tone and colors. Watching the Bakara Bluray is always enjoyable (blue tile in the Taj Mahal, reds in the opening sequence, etc.). The color remains accurate even in bright mode which is great news for sports fans. I find the projector's colors to be on par with the JVC RS-20.

The internal scaler and auto-iris do an acceptable job except for 24p content. The creative frame interpolator (CFI) results in a visible jerkiness on 24p content (some might call it judder but it's not a constant artifact). There is a 2:2 pulldown (to bring the picture to 48p) but that does not resolve the problem. In Europe, a firmware fix was available that supposedly resolved the problem. Personally, I drive the PJ with a Lumagen XD so I turn off or bypass all the PJ scaling controls.

Black levels & shadow detail.
Black levels are OK but not top-tier on this projector. The JVC RS-20 as well as the Epson 8500 & Panny PT4000 have better black levels. However, with the auto iris enabled the picture during star fields & other typical black level demo scenes is very good (just not in the top escelon of other competitors in this price range). Because I use this projector in a media room (with a few lights) the black level is a non-issue (the lights wash out any low level black detail anyway). However, one high point is that the shadow detail is excellent and on par with the other top performers @ this price point.

This projector approaches DLP in terms of razor sharp detail. The panel alignment on my PJ is excellent and I have not heard of any complaints from other owners. For sports viewing, this projector is awesome. Plenty of brightness & detail + the color accuracy is there at high lumen output levels.

Oh yes! This remote has buttons that make sense, are backlit, and you can tell where you are by feel. LG, please loan your remote control designer to Denon, thanks! smile.gif LG's menu is easy to navigate and the structure makes sense.

PJ Setup:
The default settings out of the box are quite good. You can get further improvements by playing with the iris & lamp settings + performing a complete calibration. I used Chromapure and an EyeOne meter and only had to change the color settings a few tics in each direction. With the iris on manual=3 I just had to bump the blue down a few notches & did not have to touch red or green.

In summary, this is a great option if you want a lot of light output and don't want to spend a lot of money. The picture quality is on par with the top performers in the <$2k price bracket. The JVC RS-15 is IMO a better projector but costs $1500 more and does not have as much light output. If 24p performance is critical to you and you do not have an external scaler then skip this unit until LG updates the firmware... the jitter will drive you crazy.
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Cf181d Sxrd Proj 1080P 35000:1

LG Electronics CF181D SXRD Projector CF181D Projectors

BindingPersonal Computers
FeaturePerfect for a large auditorium or meeting room that requires high brightness With multiple connectivity options, the CF181D is ready to display your message through nearly any device you choose
LabelLg Commercial Products
ManufacturerLg Commercial Products
PublisherLg Commercial Products
StudioLg Commercial Products
TitleCf181d Sxrd Proj 1080P 35000:1
UPCList - UPCListElement719192176720
Item Weight21.6 pounds
Warranty2-Year factory parts & labor warranty
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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