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ConnectionLAB HDMI Matrix 4-4 Switch


Pros: accurate design

Cons: ---

I have a very similar ConnectionLAB switch but this one http://www.connectionlab.co.uk/foto/41-hdmi-5-1-switch-1-L.jpg

It's 5-1 switch. The cable is 15m long - wow! and it has HDMI 1.3 version - basically all I needed and wanted. I'm very pleased with this purchase!

It's hard to review a HDMI Switch but if you look for one this does its job perfectly. It is not light and trashy quality, it looks very "professional", very stable. The accuracy of its design and craft is visible and this is just pleasant to use.

I checked a number of them in the stores and this one turned to be the best!


Pros: reliable

Cons: can't find it in stores

This is annother connection lab item I've bought. I think it would be the end of my collection, but not because I started to hate them, but becasue I already got all al need wink.gif
There is one big minus: connection lab should be more reachable. That's for sure. You only have to order it from the Internet - or these items are in some stores, I don't know. Anyway. I liked the cables, I bought the splitter/switch too. I chose 4-4, which is pretty big but as I decided the most universal.
First: I like the way connection lab switch look. It reminded me of kinivo a bit: smooth edges, nice stable box and a pilot which is not a good for nothing toy. It really works and in comparison to my last hdmi switch, the cables send the signal no mattter what their position is. It sounds obvious but apparently this is a problem in case of other switches smile.gif

To make long story short: I recommend connection lab switch to everybody who's willing to find it.


Pros: stable, functional, solid

Cons: a little bit difficult to find

I have bought mine about half a year ago via http://www.connectionlab.co.uk shop. I've been using their HDMI cables so knowing these were good and hearing some good opinions of this producer I decided to order this switch. And I am glad I did so.
First of all it looks very solid and in fact is. It is not one of those cheap switches that will fall apart after a month. Its high quality is visible. Just as the design. Not to flashy, not to weird, just an elegant, simple look.
However, I must add that a minus is you can barely find it. The ConnectionLAB website seems to be the only place but I hope it is just a matter of the company being fresh.

The switch itself works very well. The parameters are just like I needed them to be. I've ordered 4-4 switch but I've seen they have other types in their offer so you might check their website to see if you need anything more or less. You may also say that there is not much you can demand from a HDMI switch. Well, indeed. All it has to do is to keep the plugs connected but I value things that are solid and so it is.

I can reccommend this ConnectionLAB item to you if: you need a good HDMI switch which does not crash and has no problems with interconnects and a switch that is stable, solid and will last for a long time.


Pros: stable, functional, solid

Cons: a bit difficult to find

I have this switch for a half of year. I have bought it via http://www.connectionlab.co.uk website, because I've heard a lot of good opinions on them. I also use HDMI cables by connectionlab. I need to note that it is hard to find the items of the producer anywhere... I hope it is just because it is relatively a new company.
So as the information indicates, the switch is 4-4 so gives you a wide variety of use and a lot of opportunities. I have used it for my smart TV, PS3 DVD, Dell laptop. The HDMI version is 1.3. I must say, that even though I use a few cables and I moved the switch from time to time, they were put in, not moving, very solid. This is basically the greatest advantage of this item. It looks well and it is designed and built with high quality. It is not one of these cheap switches that fall apart whenever you touch them. This thing is good if you have little kids, pets around or if you are clumsy sometimes. I personally like when things are fine and of high quality.
As I saw on the ConnectionLAB website they have few other types of the matrix switches so whichever combination of inputs and outputs you need, you should find something for yourself.
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ConnectionLAB HDMI Matrix 4-4 Switch

Support HDMI resolution:1080P/1080i/720P/576P/480P/576i/480i Support video color format: Deepcolor 24 bit / 36 bit Support audio format: LPCM/Dolby-AC3/DTS7.1/DSD Data transfer speed: 10.2 Gbps Input Video signal: 5.0Volts P-P Max working current: 3200mA Power adapter supply: DV 5V, 4A Power adapter format: Input AC(50Hz. 60Hz) 100-240V; Output DV 5V Operating Temperature range: -5 to+55oC (5 to 131oF) Operating Humidity range: 5 to90%RH (No Condensation) HDMI output cable lenght: ≤ 15m (24AWG) HDMI Version: 1.3 HDCP Version: HDCP 1.2

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