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ConnectionLAB HTC-03 Premium 3m Optical/TOS Cable


Pros: modern design, great working

Cons: still difficult to buy

Yes! These cables are probably perfect, seriously. I buy all connectionlab things recently because I was amazed with their hdmi cable at first. I like when things are nicely packaged, when I can see someone did all so that its quality and working will be perfect. I looove how solid they look and how I am convinced their worth each pound spent.
I know there is still limited access to the connectionLAB products and I see it as the biggest disadvantage. I believe they will be soon treated as famous monster cables etc.

To sum up - if you care for quality of your products, don't let be convinced that it doesn't matter and you can as well buy a 1$ cable. No you can't.


Pros: quality of workmanship, price

Cons: none really

These cables are really recommendable! I am amazed with its quality - the cable really doesn't twist, nor break. The plugs are truly very massive and hard to destroy - these are made of copper, not plastic like it sometimes happen... The producer says they are chrominium plated, which also should prevent corrosion. I own also HDMI cables, which I reviewed too and I am very happy with those! Try connectionLAB, I'm not lying smile.gif


Pros: the quality of construction

Cons: price maybe

I needed a good optical cable for a home theatre and a TV.
I decided to risk and order a less known cable after I was totally disappointed with Supra's HDMI. In terms of optical I asked a friend of mine who's into such equipment and he recommended me connectionlab.
What can I say? I invested some money in this cable but I don't regret it. I've been using it for a year now and I didn't have a slightest problem with this. The truth is I don't move it here and there so I don't know how the cable works when it is plugged and unplugged. But as it is there in its place, it works great. Plus my friend who's more into technical details than me, came and assured me that the signal is awesome.

Some will probably whine about the price but I've learnt that there's no quality for free. And, just like other people here, I liked the packagind, it was all lovely and high standard smile.gif


Pros: massive, great quality

Cons: not found yet

I must agree with you guys. I had other cables of ConnectionLAB and I bought these too. Delivered in, like two days, packaged properly, very professional.
The cable looks really thick, I know it is to prevent from twisting and it's true. It's probably harder to destroy this thing like this.
Before I used Supra cables and their quality is comparable, so if you liked that you should love ConnectionLAB because they're even cheaper.
What I like too is their solid, massive shape. I think this cable will serve me well for years.
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ConnectionLAB HTC-03 Premium 3m Optical/TOS Cable

High quality fiber conductor for low signal loss Massive cooper plugs white chromium plated to avoid mechanical damage 192kHz/24bit data transfer rate Superior outer cotton, to avoid cable twisting

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AVS › Reviews › Cables › ConnectionLAB HTC-03 Premium 3m Optical/TOS Cable