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A Review On: Control 4 - Hc-300c Home Controller C4-hc300c-e-b

Control 4 - Hc-300c Home Controller C4-hc300c-e-b

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Pros: Simplicity, functionality, Automation

Cons: Programmer required

If you're thinking about getting this or one of the newer better devices by Control4 you need to know that you have to have a dealer of the company come and do programming for you. It is the same as any of the other major automation companies. Control4 makes great products and I use them myself and love them! But there seems to be a lot of do-it-yourselfers here so this wouldn't be the piece for your to buy. But if you're wanting amazing functionality Control4 has really stepped it up in the Automation game and is worth looking into if you have some money to spend.


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