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Luxury Full-Sized Sealed Headphones with Great Bass, Poorly Designed Cord

A Review On: Denon AH-D600 Music ManiacTM Over-Ear Headphones, Black

Denon AH-D600 Music ManiacTM Over-Ear Headphones, Black

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Excellent review imagic.
Great review. I had a chance to audition these last week. Easily one of the most comfy sets I have ever tried on. Unfortunately they are $550 up here in Canada, which seems outright criminal compared to the $268 you can get them for right now in the US.
The K701 does sound thin compared to these and there is an absence of emotion in the way the render vocals however I found the D600's to be less enjoyable than their predecessor the D5000. While they did a great job tightening up the sloppy bass of the D5000 and maintaining the warm sonic character the mid range is so recessed it throws off the balance and pulls vocals too far back from the rest of the spectrum. I found them to be fairly enjoyable for some rock music but the recessed mids really bothered me and I ended up returning them. I did appreciate the packaging and urban style making them more portable than the D5000. I also liked that they leaked sound less than the D5000. In this price range I personally think there are better offerings from Grado, Senn, Beyer, AKG, etc. I am a big fan of Denon products and owned the D7000 for a long time which was amazing for music and movies however I feel the missed the mark a bit with this one.