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Good with Airplay, net radio and fine tv audio

A Review On: Denon AVR-1713 Receiver

Denon AVR-1713 Receiver

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Pros: Airplay even my childre can use it and easy setup

Cons: HDMI communication and Network sometimes

I am no expert but bought it because it fitted the hole in the furniture (I had deept problems) and yes i know. I am in no way having the recuired space around the AVR 1713.

It is only used for stereo with my System audio speakers (Danish Brand) and we mainly use it for TV audio and Airplay.
The kids (5 and 3) can by them self use the music on the ipad and stream audio. I was impressed comming in one day and seeing my son looking Cars 2 on the Ipad while having audio from the AVR. It sounded cooler that way he had told my wife who made him show how easy that was.

However i think i some time have a network issue, as i have to cut power once every 2nd week from the AVR as otherwise the music streaming will be chooped up in 5 sec. intervals.
Also the feature that can turn of the AVR when i turn of the TV (Samsung C8000 LED 2010) seems to create problems with the Bluray passing through the AVR. As long as this feature is turned of everything works just fine. and the AVR turns of by it self after 30 minutes so no big deal there. (also remember to turn of the deep colour setting in any Samsung Bluray, as this also gave me issues)

Regarding sound quality I am no expert, and my speakers are small so I am not the right one to ask. I do not watch much TV either, but now it is much better watching Formula 1 etc. I will be uploading some pictures of our setup as well. Thank you for a great forum. as you see it is costly in Denmark these kind of things... but then again everything is cool.gif450450450450

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Beautiful setup brother....
really nice ..enjoy your set
AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Denon AVR-1713 Receiver › Reviews › anders1979's Review