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Great Receiver

A Review On: Denon AVR-1913 Receiver

Denon AVR-1913 Receiver

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Pros: Airplay, 7.1, 3D

Cons: No http control

The 1913 is a great receiver for the money. I was able to snag this receiver from Fry's for $288 from a black Friday sale.

Setup - This was super easy. Very straight forward on screen setup was a huge plus. I used the Audyssey calibration to have it auto config my speaker volumes. This was very straight forward and sounded great once complete. There is only a Quick Start Guide and no manual but that wasn't such a big deal, you can grab it online if you need a copy.

AirPlay - This was a great feature to have added on. My receiver is in a closet, so it used to be a pain to play any music from my phone to the receiver in the past. Now it is super simple to just load up ITunes and airplay it to the receiver. It doesn't support video which would be amazing to have, but to fix that i just plugged in a chromecast to the receiver (works amazing). This is by far the beast "extra" feature on the receiver.

Denon Remote App - This is a great app for controlling the receiver. I use it pretty often and it works pretty reliably. The one part that i dislike is the receiver does not support http commands. All network commands to the receiver have to be issued over a telnet session. It's not the hugest deal in the world but http commands make for a lot easier coding when writing your own app.

Overall this is a great receiver and does everything you expect it to do. 1080p, 3d, tons of hdmi ports, network control, 7.1, etc etc. This is a great buy.


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AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Denon AVR-1913 Receiver › Reviews › Craer's Review