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Denon AVR-2113CI Receiver

86% Positive Reviews


Pros: 7.1, Audyssey MultEQ XT, Airplay

Cons: Few legacy inputs, just enough HDMI inputs if you don't want to use the front input

I upgraded to the Denon AVR-2113CI from a Denon AVR-1910. I was very happy with the AVR-1910. It sounded good, and most of all it was reliable. Coming from an Onkyo TX-SR606, I went for AVR-1910 because of the overwhelming complaints of issues with Onkyo. When it was time to upgrade from the AVR-1910, I started looking at Onkyo again. It's difficult to ignore all the features they pack in for the price, but there are still many complaints of reliability issues. So I was able to find the AVR-2113CI for a great price, and knew I'd enjoy the quality of Denon.

I was interested in the Audyssey MultEQ XT of the sub equalization. The AVR-1910 only had MultEQ. I thought maybe there was a chance I'd notice a difference between MultEQ and MultEQ XT, but was shocked at how much better my low-end sounded with the AVR-2113CI over the 1910. I don't have a dedicated media room, so great room correction is a must for any receiver I considered. And the Denon performs phenomenally in that regard.

The AVR-2113CI has all the inputs I need with 5 rear HDMI inputs. But if I get more HDMI source devices in the future, I'll have to use the front input. That, coupled with having only one component video input, makes the back of the AVR-2113CI looks kind of empty. I have 2 component sources I'd like to connect, but had to get a HDMI adapter for my Wii since there's only one input. Additionally, there's only one optical and one coaxial digital audio input. As long as you are using mostly HDMI devices, but not too many HDMI devices, the AVR-2113CI will be great for your needs.

Overall, the AVR-2113CI provided a solid upgraded to the AVR-1910. It sounds better, added networking features, and has more HDMI inputs. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing, and the AVR-2113CI was the perfect receiver to meet both my needs, and my budget.


Pros: It's cheap.

Cons: Much too cheap.

Sad. Sad. Sad. If this is the "new" Denon, they need to go back to the drawing board. The 2113 is packed with features, most of which are also packed with bugs. The sound quality is mediocre at best. The build quality is poor, and the remote looks and feels Emerson or Coby cheap. The network features are buggy and unreliable, especially the iPad/iPhone app, which is a joke. SiriusXM does not work at all, and tech support has been no use whatsoever. I bought the Denon because the new Onkyos have had so many problems, but I really wish I'd have either stayed with Onkyo or gone with the Yamaha. This will certainly be my last Denon.


Pros: Easy Setup with Audyssey XT, 7.1, Network Features, Mobile App

Cons: User Interface (GUI), Remote Ergonomics, User/Installation Guide

This is my first "real" HT receiver and overall I have been very happy with the functionality and quality of the product. The AVR-2113CI has some great network features like AirPlay and audio streaming. It is also very nice to have significant functional control over the receiver by downloading the Denon mobile app. Setup for the receiver was very easy with the built-in Audyssey XT feature. Audyssey does a very good job of calculating the 'ideal' settings for each speaker, as well as the subwoofer. I personally have been very impressed by Audyssey's setting for my room. I have watched a few action movies with my new receiver and have been very impressed with the sound quality, power, and speaker settings (granted a lot of this has to do with the actual speakers used as well, so individual results may vary). For the price of the unit, you get very good specifications and sound output compared to other receivers both within and outside of the Denon brand. A few negatives I have experience thus far are the user interface through the graphic user interface displayed on the television. While the GUI is fairly simple, it is not totally intuitive where certain settings are. Also, if you don't have the luxury of a single universal remote, the remote provided is suitable but does not have a good feeling and setup for natural hand gestures. Lastly, I would like to have better interaction between my source inputs and the receiver. For example, I would like to power on/off the television, bluray, or gaming system and have the receiver be smart enough to either switch to another input or power off with the source. The standard price for the AVR-2113CI is good while the unit also allows you flexibility for future upgrades in speakers and setup; for example I only use a 5.1 setup now but this unit allows me to upgrade to a 7.1 setup when the time comes or use 2 speakers as a second zone. Also highly recommend looking into buying a Factory Certified Refurbished unit to save a bit of money.


Pros: Good value and sound. 7.1 and zone 2 with plenty of HDMI 1.4 inputs. Free app work with latest firmware which was easy to download.

Cons: None really.

New firmware releases, coupled with iPhone/iPad app updates have resolved most of my issues with using an Apple device to control Zone2. I'm able to select what I want to hear and control the volume on my deck nicely now. Nice selection of internet radio classic rock stations, some with little to no commercials too. Everything else works fine too. I'm pleased with my first Denon.


Pros: Setup, Updating, Network Apps

Cons: Remote, Removable Front Panel Cover, Short on legacy inputs

Replaced my 3 year old POS Onkyo TX-SR707 with this and so far it's working well (1 week of use). Setup was easy, no major glitches. Sirius App works but you must have subscribed to the WEB package that lets you listen via PC or mobile app for it to work. Pandora works fine. Have not tried Spotify or others. They also output to Zone 2 which was important for me for outdoor listening via 4 speakers (connected via external amp). 7.1 setup in my family room. Changing sound field modes can be fussier than it was on the Onkyo and this unit really demands a video interface for full configuration. The display is a little minimalist but again I'm used to Onkyo (owned 4 of them). I use it with a Logitech Harmony remote so I never have to use the included one which is pretty crappy. The Android app so far has worked fine for changing inputs, powering up and down Zone 2 and setting Zone 2 inputs. I can also change Pandora stations and other things for Zone 2 while outside so that has been handy. Sound quality is good. The small removable plastic panel that covers the front input is a little silly. They should have included a flip-up door or something that doesn't actually come completely off the unit to be lost. Build quality seems about on par with other brands within this price range that I looked at. Hopefully it will last a while and be reliable. This is my first Denon product so I'm still feeling my way around on it. Fingers crossed it holds up...


Pros: Great sound, easy setup with Audigy

Cons: Remote is cheap but functional

The sound quality is great and the setup is easy. You have to realize that you first run the weird sound test that sets up the speakers for you, then you can mess with speaker sizes, crossover frequencies, etc.

The free Denon App for iPhone is flaky but I've downloaded the DeRemote for $4.99 and that works well. Pandora stopped working because Pandora changed their connection protocol but that was fixed in less than 2 weeks by a Denon update, that's outstanding! During the Pandora outage I tuned into some awesome Hi Def internet radio stations that came up with the simple Denon search capability.

I was looking for the 1913 but that was out of stock so I got the 2113 for a few bucks more; apart from slightly higher output, the 2113CI adds better Audigy and the ability to send Zone 2 stereo out of the Channel 6&7 amp outputs with full remote control from the iPhone/iPod.


Pros: Fully featured, lightweight, 4K, network capable, airplay, spotify, etc

Cons: TBD

It's been 10 years since my last AVR purchase, and the setup was much more simple this time around. My level of expertise is not as vast as many here in regards to receivers, but I felt that this model offered pretty good bang for the buck with the 3D/4K processing and various audio DSP scenarios along with Audyssey XT. biggrin.gif
Denon AVR-2113CI Receiver

The high-performance AVR-2113CI lets you enjoy the exciting surround sound of the latest 3D videos in a 7.1-channel home theatre. It also includes advanced video circuitry that upscales high-definition (HD) signal to a 4K (3840 x 2160 pixel) signal.The AVR-2113CI further provides advanced network functions that let you listen to Internet radio or play music files stored on a PC. Since AirPlay is also supported, you can listen to music content from the iTunes library on your iPad, iPhone,iPod touch, or PC/Mac via the network. In addition, if you download the new Denon Remote App to your iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone, you can use those devices to operate the main controls on the AVR-2113CI. The AVR-2113CI is even equipped with the multi-room audio function that lets you assign 2 of the amplifier’s 7 channels to use with speakers in another room. C4 Certified.

FeatureFully discrete power amplifiers for all 7 channels (95 W x 7 ch, 8ohm 20-20kHz 0.08%). Delivers the sound quality you've come to expect from Denon. 3D pass-through technology Enjoy 3D video entertainment with dynamic surround sound. 4K video support (4K video upscaling, video passthrough and GUI overlay) Mobile App Control Take control of your Denon receiver from your smart device with the Denon Remote App. Front Panel USB Input Direct digital play for iPod, iPhone and USB drives.
Item Height6.5 inches
Item Length13 inches
Item Width17.1 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitleDenon AVR-2113CI Networking Home Theater Receiver with AirPlay and Powered Zone 2
UPCList - UPCListElement883795002240
Item Weight20.9 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementAVR2113CI
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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