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Fantastic Sound, Reliable, Low-Cost Receiver

A Review On: Denon AVR-2113CI Receiver

Denon AVR-2113CI Receiver

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Pros: 7.1, Audyssey MultEQ XT, Airplay

Cons: Few legacy inputs, just enough HDMI inputs if you don't want to use the front input

I upgraded to the Denon AVR-2113CI from a Denon AVR-1910. I was very happy with the AVR-1910. It sounded good, and most of all it was reliable. Coming from an Onkyo TX-SR606, I went for AVR-1910 because of the overwhelming complaints of issues with Onkyo. When it was time to upgrade from the AVR-1910, I started looking at Onkyo again. It's difficult to ignore all the features they pack in for the price, but there are still many complaints of reliability issues. So I was able to find the AVR-2113CI for a great price, and knew I'd enjoy the quality of Denon.

I was interested in the Audyssey MultEQ XT of the sub equalization. The AVR-1910 only had MultEQ. I thought maybe there was a chance I'd notice a difference between MultEQ and MultEQ XT, but was shocked at how much better my low-end sounded with the AVR-2113CI over the 1910. I don't have a dedicated media room, so great room correction is a must for any receiver I considered. And the Denon performs phenomenally in that regard.

The AVR-2113CI has all the inputs I need with 5 rear HDMI inputs. But if I get more HDMI source devices in the future, I'll have to use the front input. That, coupled with having only one component video input, makes the back of the AVR-2113CI looks kind of empty. I have 2 component sources I'd like to connect, but had to get a HDMI adapter for my Wii since there's only one input. Additionally, there's only one optical and one coaxial digital audio input. As long as you are using mostly HDMI devices, but not too many HDMI devices, the AVR-2113CI will be great for your needs.

Overall, the AVR-2113CI provided a solid upgraded to the AVR-1910. It sounds better, added networking features, and has more HDMI inputs. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing, and the AVR-2113CI was the perfect receiver to meet both my needs, and my budget.


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