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Denon AVR-2312CI Receiver Reviews

Positive Reviews


Denon AVR-2312CI -- Five Star -- Excellent


Pros: Powerful, Networked, ARC & 3D capability

Cons: No printed manual supplied

Denon AVR-2312CI Networked A/V Receiver Review Five Star Rating -- Excellent Purchased the Denon AVR-2312CI receiver April 2012. It has performed above my expectations. The Denon is the core of my home theatre system and was chosen for several reasons. It replaces an older Denon unit which has been perfectly reliable; the new unit has internet connection, ARC and 3D capability, latest sound decoding which is outstanding, receiver also has internet radio. The rest of my system is a 5.1 setup. Using Infinity speakers for left, right, center and an Infinity powered sub-woofer; rear speakers are “in wall” (mounted between studs) made by Polk. Imaging is on a Samsung 3D LED TV...
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Negative Reviews

Alfonzo Roman

Denon - What Happened to You?


Pros: Sounds incredible when its working and has been calibrated

Cons: The build quality is remarkably poor; worse, customer service is trained to sell design defects as personal problems until the warranty runs out

Bought a 2312ci and soon thereafter had flickering/power down issues. Denon said it was an "HDMI handshake" issue and instructed me to reset the unit and reprogram. Denon said to be very gentle with it, and turn on HDMI connected electronics first before turning on the receiver. That did help for a short while, then the 2312 degraded until it just began turning on and off intermittently every 30 secs or so, regardless of whether anything is connected to the HDMI or not. Then I realized this issue is not only common when buying your first 2312 or 3312ci, but also replacement 'refurb' units that Denon sends to you... a process that will leave you without a receiver for lengthy period...
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More Reviews


great features marred by poor quality


Pros: Sounds Great, lots of features

Cons: Overly complex set up, no Sirrus/XM net client, poor quality components

Bought this to upgrade from another Denon and get HDMI handling, 1080p upscaling and all of those kind of things. The automated speaker set up is great but the mapping of the buttons and inputs is overly complex. The Network radio section has just about everything BUT Sirrus/XM much to my dismay. My real heartburn is that it has been in the shop 4 times in the first year. I have been without it about 2 of the last 11 months and Denon doesn't seem to be concerned about it. Had a cold solder joint that was intermittent that took the first two times in to find followed by a bad HDMI board and now it seems to have problems that are heat related and intermittently just shuts down. Denon...
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